3 Effective Ways to Welcome New Employees

With each new generation, employees tend to stay with a single job for a shorter timespan. The youngest workers stay for a year or less

So, how do you get your employees to stay longer? Setting the stage for longevity starts when you welcome new employees to the office. 

Read three things you can do for your new addiction.

1. Offer a Tour of the Office

Being a new employee can be overwhelming. The hardest part is getting comfortable with your surroundings and figuring out who is who.

Having a tour on the first day helps your employee know where important things are like the supplies closet or lunch room. A tour also acts as a meet-and-greet. 

Introduce the new person to each department and learn the names of their co-workers. 

This shouldn’t be a quick informal tour. Take time to explain the operations of the office and see if the new member has any questions. Depending on the industry and job type, you can shadow them for a day until they are comfortable on their own. 

2. Set Up There Work Area

Getting organized is also a challenge for new employees. They have to locate or buy new office supplies, arrange their desk, and adjust their office furniture and equipment. 

Make it easier for new employees by having a workstation set up before they arrive for the first day. This may include an employee welcome kit. 

You can include the following in your employee welcome kits:

  • Pens and Notebooks
  • Company Letterhead
  • Employee Handbook
  • Contact List of the Office
  • Water Bottle
  • Business Cards
  • Letter From the CEO

Tailor your welcome kits according to your company’s style and type of business. You can also include fun swag items like a company T-shirt or things that welcome them to the neighborhood like a gift card for lunch nearby. 

3. Have a Party

Noting says an employee welcome like a party for their first day. However, be sure to have it at the end of the work day so everyone can relax. 

Even though you may not know them well, try to find out their favorite food to include at the party. You should also implement aspects of their professional experience. 

A party is a great way to break the barriers of communication and create a laid-back atmosphere. It also helps the rest of the staff meet the new person. Co-workers can discuss topics other than the role of the job and reveal their personalities. 

Make a Plan to Welcome New Employees

Planning to welcome new employees ensures that your next team member feels included. It also calms their nerves and helps them grasp the role of their new job. 

When you take the time to show your staff how the office is run, then they will adjust to the job sooner.

Check out our business section for more ways to boost employee rendition and increase overall productivity at your company. 



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