3 Powerful Facts You Should Know About Solar Energy

Are you considering switching to using solar energy?

Solar energy is on the rise nowadays, and for good reason, too. It’s even predicted that there will be 3 million installations of solar panels by the end of 2021. This will mean that hundreds of thousands of households will benefit from the amazing effects that solar power brings.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should opt for solar energy, then these facts will help change your mind. Read on to learn what using solar energy means for you and the environment.

1. It’s Considered as the Cheapest Energy Source

The biggest appeal that solar power brings to the table is its cost-cutting capabilities. Switching to solar power means you won’t be using other energy sources, like gas and electricity, as much as before.

In some households, solar energy systems do well enough to provide free energy all year round. The only big expense involved here is in the installation of the system onto a household. Even so, most households break even within the first three years.

There are also state and federal incentives for using solar power in the property. This manifests in the form of a 26% tax break, which can benefit households and commercial properties greatly.

2. Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 100 Tons

Most people know that using solar power means producing clean energy. What most don’t know is how much it does for the environment. It’s a little-known fact that a household that uses solar power reduces its carbon emission by up to 100 tons within 30 years.

This means the household will reap long-term health and environmental benefits from using solar energy. The environmental impact is further magnified by the few solar communities in the USA. These are whole communities that use solar power all throughout the year.

Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New York are among the states that have solar communities. California is looking to join the ranks by promoting and incentivizing the use of solar energy in some neighborhoods.

There are even more pros to solar power than this. Blue Raven Solar lists the other pros of solar energy, as well as some of the cons you may encounter.

3. Panels Can Produce Power Without Direct Sunlight

A common myth that most people believe is that solar panels only produce power when it’s a sunny day out. This often discourages most people from getting a solar power system installed on their property.

The truth is that solar panels absorb different light spectrums from the sun. It doesn’t only absorb and convert direct sunlight. It can also absorb the UV rays that provide light during a cloudy day.

This makes it a much more viable option even in areas that don’t get much direct sunlight.

Check Out These Solar Energy Facts Today

These facts about solar power may be able to convince you to switch to solar energy today. Make the switch and lead a cleaner lifestyle now!

Do you want more facts about solar energy? Check out the rest of our posts to keep yourself updated on the latest updates on solar energy.

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