4 Creative Ways to Empower Employees

Did you know that happy and empowered employees are going to be more productive? Have you been devoting time to learning how to empower employees at your workplace?

Employee empowerment doesn’t have to be hard. It can even be fun!

We’re here to offer some advice on how you can empower employees in innovative and unique ways. Read on to learn more.

1. Consider a Motivational Speaker

This is somewhat of a niche suggestion, but for some business owners, it can make a huge difference. Hire a professional to visit your workplace and speak to your employees.

Professional motivational speakers are experts at empowering their audiences. They know exactly what to say to motivate even the most frustrated or downtrodden employees.

View these business motivational speakers to see if they “speak” to you.

2. Don’t Hover

This is a tricky one for many employers, but it’s also crucial. You need to give your employees freedom (within reason). When they’re working, do your best not to hover.

When you’re always looming over your employee’s shoulders, you’re going to make them feel anxious. They may have a hard time staying focused and they might not feel creative enough to try new and innovative things that would make their projects better.

Give them some air and let them flex their creative muscles. As long as they meet their deadlines, you should praise their independence.

3. Offer Fun Incentives and Rewards

How often do you incentivize or reward your employees? Many employers make the mistake of thinking that a paycheck is more than enough of an incentive, but in a world where businesses are competing for top talent, this isn’t the case.

You need to throw in something extra.

There are several ways that you can do this. The first (and easiest) is to offer employee bonuses for exceptional work. Employees will never turn down a few extra dollars in their paychecks.

You can also open up an employee store. Employees collect points for good work and they can use those points to “buy” rewards. These stores are easy to set up online and they give your employees options.

4. Do Team-Building Activities

Is your team working well together? Motivate and empower them by doing some team-building activities. Make sure that you get involved as well so you’re “part of the team.”

There are plenty of fun team-building activities that you can do with your crew. Go to trivia nights at a local restaurant or bar. Consider doing an escape room together.

Even smaller activities, like games before meetings, can make a huge difference.

Your employees will learn how to work together and they’ll have fun doing it. You can incorporate team-building activities in-company training sessions and even employee workshops.

Empower Employees the Right Way

When you empower employees, you’ll see them start to thrive. They’ll be more productive, happier, and more innovative. Use these tips to motivate your employees today.

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