4 Reasons Your Company Should Adopt Business Text Messaging

Did you know that 48 percent of consumers prefer receiving brand updates via text message?

Although you can receive and send messages on email and social media platforms, SMS still remains a popular way for people to communicate. As an entrepreneur, you might hesitate to use business text messaging because most of your target consumers spend most of their time on social media. You’re leaving money on the table.

If you need solid reasons to implement an SMS marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of text messaging for business.

1. Extremely High Open Rate

It’s one thing to send a message to someone. It’s another thing for that message to be read by the recipient.

At a time when consumers are being bombarded with messages left right and center, you want to use a channel that promises a good open rate. If you’ve not been using text messaging because you believed they had a poor open rate, you’re wrong. In fact, at 98 percent, they have the highest open rate of any communication channel.

Such a high open-rate means your texts will be received and read. And if you’ve crafted them well, most of the recipients will take action.

2. A Non-Intrusive Way to Reach Your Customers

It’s not just millennials who hate phone calls. An increasing number of people across demographic groups find phone calls, especially from unknown numbers, to be intrusive. It’s no wonder cold calling is only successful 2 percent of the time!

If you’re looking for a non-intrusive way to reach your customers, send a text message. Users don’t have to open or respond to an SMS immediately.

Consider this:

A client’s birthday is coming up. You place a call to deliver your birthday message, only for them to tell you they’re busy at the moment. If you had sent an SMS instead, you wouldn’t have disrupted them. They would have actually found the gesture more thoughtful.

Non-intrusive communication in business helps build relationships with customers.

3. Expand Your Reach

About 97 percent of American adults own a cell phone. But that number drops to about 85 percent when looking at the number of American adults with a smartphone.

Text messaging doesn’t need an internet connection to work. Other forms of messaging, such as email and social media DMs, do. This means that when you use text messaging for businesses, you’ll likely reach more people.

4. You Can Automate Text Messaging

Who is going to sit and send text messages to thousands of people, one by one?

Not you, of course! Not anyone, either.

Text messaging technology has advanced. Today, there is SMS software that enables you to curate a contact list, send SMSs to multiple people at once, and even automate your messaging. Be sure to discover more on this website.

There are also companies offering text messaging services for small businesses like yours.

With a largely hands-free approach to text messaging, you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Business Text Messaging Is Powerful

Text messaging isn’t reserved for family and friends. Businesses can also use the service to keep in touch with customers and market their products and services. As we’ve demonstrated, business text messaging has big benefits.

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