4 Simple Digital Organization Ideas

According to researchers, clutter can inhibit focus, impair memory, and lower productivity. It may even elevate stress and put you at risk of feeling depressed.

Worse, clutter doesn’t only apply to physical places; it can also invade digital spaces. For instance, messy computer desktops make it difficult to find files or folders. So, users spend more time just locating what they need.

Does the above scenario sound familiar? If so, you need digital organization ASAP.

Keep reading as we’ve listed the top tips to help you get started.

1. Delete Old or Unnecessary Files

A 2019 study found how an employee’s morning mood influences the rest of the day. For instance, a negative attitude early in the day can last all day.

If the first thing you see is a messy computer desktop, you may develop a foul mood that can stress you out until sunset.

That’s enough reason to clear your computer’s real estate of distracting icons. Start by deleting all unnecessary or unused apps and files. The fewer items you have on your desktop, the less digital organizing work you have to do later.

2. Organize Files in Folders

One of the best digital organizing tactics you can follow is to arrange files in folders. For instance, you can categorize them by content, type, or personal vs. work files. It’s also wise to further sort them in subfolders on parameters such as creation date.

Regardless of your approach, don’t forget to give each folder an appropriate name. Choose something relevant so that it’s easy to remember what you’ve stored in it.

3. Use an Email Management App

According to Mailstrom.co, you can delete thousands of email messages with just a few clicks. That’s possible with the help of a web-based email management app. It lets you take bulk actions on inboxes, such as deleting and unsubscribing to mailing lists.

If you decide to use an email management app, choose one with spam protection. That can help maintain your inboxes’ digital hygiene, as it blocks unwanted emails.

4. Store Data in the Cloud

Using the cloud for digital file organization helps you free up space in your computer drive. You can think of it as an extension of your desktop and drive, albeit online.

The cloud lets you create folders and store files in them for digital organization. So, if your PC or laptop is low on storage space, you can transfer some of your data into your cloud storage account.

Popular cloud storage services include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and DropBox. They all come with a free plan, but you can upgrade to a paid tier if you need more space.

Digital Organization Makes Your Life Easier

More than that, digital organization methods can help protect you from malware. After all, tidying up your computer makes it easier to spot suspicious or unknown apps or files. You can then remove or quarantine them immediately after confirming they’re malware.

So, as early as now, make your PC or laptop neater by following our computer organization tips.

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