5 Logo Design Tips for Your Company

A logo is one of the most important ways to make a statement about your company. Believe it or not, 78% of consumers consider logos a work of art. What will they think if you don’t put much effort into a logo design?

With how important a logo is in building a brand’s image, you can’t afford to take things easy when designing a logo. Use the five logo design tips below to create a company logo that people will remember.

1. Keep it Simple

You only have a limited amount of space to display your logo. You’ll need it to occupy a tiny spot on your website and business cards. The last thing you want is something complex that confuses people.

Keep your logo as simple as possible. Don’t use complex shapes and fonts unless they align with your brand. You want people to picture your logo clearly in their minds when thinking about your company.

2. Be Original

You don’t have to sacrifice originality when you keep things simple. You can do a lot with little when it comes to graphic design. Some of the most memorable and original brands have very simple logos.

On top of that, being original will help you stand out from your competition. Even if you only use a few lines or shapes in your logo, you can do it in a unique way that makes your logo completely unique.

3. Match Your Brand

Even when you develop an original logo, it shouldn’t deviate too far from your brand. Ideally, you’ll have colors, fonts, and other elements that you use with other brand materials. Your logo should be no different.

Keep your brand image in mind when developing your logo ideas. You want it to stand out, but it should remain consistent with how the rest of your brand looks. That includes your physical locations and your digital marketing materials.

4. Stay Versatile

You’re going to use your logo in several places. You won’t just put it on a website and be done with it. You’ll place it in all your marketing materials, physical locations, business cards, and much more.

That means your logo needs to be versatile. Something looking good on the web doesn’t mean it will look good everywhere. Make sure you can place your logo anywhere and still have it look great.

5. Get Professional Help

Putting together a great logo isn’t easy. You can’t just throw a few lines or an image on an image file and call it a day. There’s a lot of thought that goes into the process.

Hiring a logo designer makes more sense if you don’t have a graphic design background. See more here about working with a graphic design pro.

Don’t Create a Logo Without Using These Logo Design Tips

A logo helps customers create an image in their minds when thinking about your business. It helps you build a consistent brand that offers people a consistent experience.

That’s why you can’t afford to create a bad business logo that doesn’t represent what your business offers. Use the logo design tips above to create an amazing logo showcasing what your company can offer customers.

Check out the blog to discover more tips that will help you build your company’s brand.

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