5 Major Considerations When Choosing Your Product Packaging

How much thought do you give your product packaging? Packaging is much more than a container; when a design is implemented right, it can be as memorable as the product.

Your packaging is an extension of your brand, and failing to provide professional packaging will impact the way customers view your business. The boxes and containers you use are an excellent marketing opportunity you can’t afford to ignore.

If you haven’t given your containers much thought, now is the time to start. Here are five major considerations to remember when designing custom product packaging that your customers will love.

1. How Functional Is Your Product Packaging?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your product packaging design is if it won’t protect the items inside. The number one consideration should be the functionality of your materials.

If you’re shipping perishable food items, you’ll want to ensure it stays cool and fresh during transportation. You also want to choose packaging that protects the product from damage. You don’t want to ship your customers bruised fruit after all.

2. Does It Reflect Your Brand?

Many business owners don’t realize that the packaging is a perfect opportunity to market yourself. Your box should reflect your brand.

You can use your brand colors, include your logo, and even add a message or tagline.

Is it eye-catching? Does it look professional? Consider the look and feel of your containers and imagine how the customer might feel receiving them.

3. How Durable Is Your Packaging?

Another vital consideration is durability. Packages can suffer a lot of damage in transit, meaning your boxes need to be able to withstand it all. Packages can get dropped, smashed, dented, and more, and you need to account for anything that might happen.

If your customer receives a badly damaged item, they might blame the shipping company, but they might also blame you. You’ll have to figure out how to make it right.

Use durable product packaging supplies, such as this custom collapsible rigid box. When you choose durable materials, you protect your products and your brand reputation by offering reliable delivery services.

4. Is It Eco-Friendly?

The majority of customers want eco-friendly packaging, which means choosing sustainable packing materials.

Your company should hold itself responsible for being eco-friendly and make greener choices. One of the best ways to do so is to make changes starting with your packaging.

Skip the plastic and go with paper and cardboard.

5. Is Your Packaging the Right Size?

When you ship your product, the packaging boxes should be the right size to protect your items while still leaving enough room for branding.

You don’t want items sliding around, and you also want to save money on packing materials. Getting the best sizes down might take some trial and error, but once you have the strategy, you can continue to use it with every package you ship.

Think Outside the Box

Make the most of your product packaging by considering these five points. Once you have the right packaging materials and packing strategy down, you can start delivering memorable products and inspiring your customers.

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