5 Surprising Things A Top Executive Consultants Firm Can Do For You

A recent survey revealed that 55% of people are looking for new jobs in the next year. They’re not limited to a single industry or job type.

The pandemic forced everyone to step back and assess their priorities. You might be ready for a career switch or you want to get a promotion.

Executive consultants can help you make job hunting a lot easier. What do executive consultants do? Keep reading to learn five things they can do.

1. Connect Job Seekers With Employers

Executive consultants’ main job is to connect employers with people looking for jobs.

It sounds a lot like a recruiter, doesn’t it? There are differences between headhunters and recruiters, even though both can be called executive consultants.

A recruiter works with a company and does a lot of the work during the hiring process.

Recruitment firms handle the job description, marketing, and the first round of interviews. They then pass the final set of candidates to the hiring company.

A headhunter takes the job requirements of the position and finds the right candidates that match the skills and requirements. They’ll look beyond people looking for work and connect with potential candidates who are already employed.

A headhunter is likely to work on an executive job search because executive jobs require a combination of experience and managerial skills.

2. Build Talent Pools

Executive consultants help companies build a pool of talent to draw from. This is important when it’s time to recruit for executive positions.

The talent pool can consist of internal and external candidates, ensuring a seamless transition.

3. They Perform Background Searches

Do you know what your social media accounts say about you? Probably more than you want them to, especially if you’re trying to land a dream job.

When you work for a company, you’re putting that company’s reputation on the line. They can’t take a chance hiring an executive or manager with questionable content.

Before you start job hunting, look yourself up online. Make sure that you don’t have anything public that would make companies regret their hiring decision.

Executive consultants will find it and it will impact your ability to find work.

4. How Do Executive Consultants Get Paid?

In their role as a headhunter, they get paid based on commissions. If you’re job hunting and find an executive consultant firm that wants you to pay a fee, don’t work with that company.

It’s likely to be a scam.

Headhunters get paid commissions from the hiring company. The commission is about 25% of the employee’s first year salary.

5. Give You Advice

Executive consultants have an interest in your success. After all, it’s how they get paid. They’re likely to share tips about the hiring manager.

They’ll give valuable insights to master the interview and get hired.

Working With Executive Consultants

Job hunting isn’t easy. When you work with executive consultants, the process does get easier. You have someone who specializes in connecting talented people with the right positions.

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