7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Service

Choosing the correct storage service can feel overwhelming, especially with over 49,000 storage facilities in the US alone.

How do you decide which facility to use? How do storage options compare with one another?

The following tips will help you find the perfect self-storage for your needs.

1. Storage Space

The first thing to consider is how much storage space you genuinely need.

Do you only have a few items that won’t take up much space, or do you need room for personal belongings, business inventory, or household goods like furniture and appliances?

Choose a storage option to accommodate your storage space requirements. Because if it’s too large, you may end up paying more than you need to. And, if it’s too small, what you can store will be limited.

2. Security

Most storage units have a fence around the perimeter with an electronic gate that requires access codes.

If you need to store items that require a higher level of security, keep in mind some storage facilities offer fenced and lighted areas, on-site staff, video monitoring, electronic gate access with PIN codes, alarms, and gated entry.

3. Climate Control

Research whether the climate in the facility is suitable for the items you wish to store before you commit to a storage facility.

Check if the facility offers climate-controlled storage, what the temperature is, and how often they monitor it. Some even have separate sections for your items to store different belongings under the right conditions within the same unit.

4. Location

Do you need access to your belongings regularly? If so, it may be best for you to choose a facility that’s close to where you live or work.

If you won’t be accessing your items often but want to ensure they are in safe storage, choose a facility that has good hours so you can stop by after work or on the weekends.

5. Company Reputation

When choosing a storage facility, read reviews and customer testimonials to get the complete picture of their reputation.

Which services are known for excellent customer service? How long have they been in business? Are their facilities well maintained and clean?

Look for companies with a good reputation and be wary of storage facilities with a history of security issues or poor customer service.

6. Costs and Fees

Storage fees vary depending on the size of the storage unit and the type of storage.

Ask about additional fees before signing up for a storage unit. These fees may include storage insurance, late payment fees, security deposits, or administrative fees.

7. Storage Options and Amenities

Storage companies offer options and amenities to make your storage experience more convenient and safe. These include climate control, storage bins, moving supplies, storage boxes, storage locks, and more.

Drive-up units are another useful storage option, so you can load or unload belongings in front of your unit. Others offer vehicle and RV storage and storage for boats and other watercraft.

Find the Best Storage Service To Fit Your Needs

It is essential to consider various factors when choosing a storage service. Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to shop around for a self-storage near me.

Use the factors we’ve outlined as a guide to help narrow down your search and find the perfect storage facility for your needs.

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