7 Useful Items to Donate to Old Age Homes

Nursing homes, just like other institutions, have their needs. When these needs come as gifts or donations from strangers, the seniors may appreciate it more because it makes them feel loved. Such an act of kindness is one of the social needs that can help boost their mental health.


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You have made an inspiring decision to donate some valuable items to a nursing home, whether you have parents there or feel the need to do so. However, you may not have the perfect idea of what to donate to them; not to worry, this article will suggest some things to you.

Read this post to the end to see seven valuable items you can donate to nursing homes:

Adult Diapers

Some adults in the nursing home cannot do without wearing diapers because of incontinence. Therefore, donating such things to them will reduce their financial expenses.

Wearing diapers can help prevent discomfort when their bladder leaks on their clothing. Therefore, donating to the nursing home is indeed a thoughtful thing.

Adult diapers of different sizes are available, including the 3XL pull up, which can fit more significant older adults.

Set of New Sheets

Here is another thing anyone can donate to nursing homes. Bed sheets can’t be too much for them since they will always need to change. It’s not only about just getting them sheets but the ones that won’t make them sweat or feel irritated.

Sheets that will make them sleep well, such as sateen and bamboo sheets, are excellent choices—also, select sheets with bright colors and beautiful design. If the sheets look appealing, they will enjoy sleeping on them and feel better when resting.

Cardigan Sweater

Color and beautiful cardigan sweaters are necessary for seniors, making them valuable items. To help them dress appropriately and avoid catching a cold, donate cool colors and lovely designs of the cardigan to them.

Cardigans can make them feel warm and look healthier, especially if the cardigans are carefully selected. So, if the care home is in a cold climate, think about how this will benefit them.

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Motion-Activated Bed Light

Motion-activated bed light is a thoughtful gift idea for seniors in nursing homes. Although they have access to care support, this item may make them independent sometimes, especially when they need to use the bathroom at midnight.

This item is a motion sensor light that turns its light on immediately it senses a movement or motion. The aged people will appreciate having such an item around them. They won’t have to do much walking or stress switching on the bulb light or bed lamp before moving into the bathroom.

Besides that, this can also save them from getting injured when trying to get out of bed at night. The light from this object is not too bright or dull, but it’s bright enough to make one see clearly at night.

Another advantage of this product is that the light can be adjusted to one’s satisfaction, and it also switches itself off at the right time.

Large Display Clock

A lot of messages can be passed across to people through the clock. As simple as a clock seems, it can go a long way in helping people more than saying what the time is, especially the well-crafted clocks.

A good item to donate to nursing homes is a large display clock that does not abbreviate the day, month, or specific time of the day. It also has an A.M and P.M setting on it. Another is the digital display design of black background, which makes it a lot better to see the numbers and letters on it.

This clock is most suitable for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The thoughtful designer of this clock does not specify that the clock was meant for the dementia patient. That way, the seniors suffering from such conditions will not feel embarrassed.

Gratitude Journal

One of the best things anyone can donate to a nursing home is the gratitude journal.

Writing is a great skill that should be encouraged in seniors. Whether they like to write or not, there is a way to make it fun for them. Gifting the old aged people a gratitude journal will impact them. It will increase positivity in them. It can boost their self-esteem and make them happier.

Besides that, writing down the little and big things they are grateful for in life will make them enjoy the rest of their days.

It has been proven that keeping a journal can improve one’s wellbeing, making it a wise decision to donate such a gift to care homes.

Engaging Games

Games are a fun way to make older people get along well and stay active. There are different types of games that can be donated to nursing homes; one of them is the game with a series of questions. It is designed to initiate conversations by asking questions about one another. This will help the people learn more things about themselves.

This game can make them laugh, remember sweet things about their past and see some hidden qualities in each other.

Most specifically, this game may help seniors suffering from memory loss somehow.

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Aside from donating some valuable items to nursing homes, one can also devote their time to volunteering there. Spending time doing a couple of things there will also go a long way in the life of the seniors. They need all the help one can render to them.

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