A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Blowers

Are you looking for the best industrial blower for your purposes?

The industrial fan industry is one with a market that’s as big as its fans, valued at 3290 million USD. These fans handle everything from ventilating mines to other heavy-duty tasks that require flowing gas.

For your blower to do what you need it to do, though, you’ll need the right kind. Read what we’ve prepared below to learn about the different types of blowers in the industry.

Positive Displacement Blower

Also referred to as rotary lobe blowers, PD blowers use mechanical processes to move air around. These keep and release air based on several factors, including the time and the current pressure in a room. It then uses a safety valve to activate two propellers that rotate against each other to push out air at a specific direction and velocity.

These blowers are popular in any work that deals with chemical fumes. Its ability to hold air and release it at specified times is invaluable in keeping contaminated air from leaking out.

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Centrifugal Blower

You’ll find these blowers a lot in ventilation systems. Rotating impellers within the blower increase in speed as more passes through. A fan wheel present inside further increases its potential speed and allows it to shift directions when needed.

Most use these blowers to exhaust dangerous chemical fumes out of a room. They’re also useful in temperature control, gas filtering, and dust control. You can find a lot of them in the manufacturing and food processing industries.

Regenerative Blower

Regenerative blowers get their name because of their self-lubrication features. It decreases the need for regular maintenance, making it a popular blower on the market.

Because it’s self-lubricating, it’s not the ideal blower for food storage or processing, healthcare facilities, and other moisture-sensitive occupations. It’s a great option for sewage cleaning and vacuum sealing applications, though.

High-Speed Blower

As their names suggest, these blowers can produce high-speed airflow. They also produce an equal amount of pressure to boot. It’s all thanks to a one-shaft design filled with impellers throughout.

You can change the speed and pressure these industrial blowers put out to suit your needs. Common applications include brewing, power generation, and water distillation.

Helical Screw Blower

No industrial blower guide will be complete without the helical screw blower. These are among the most popular ones today because of how quiet they run.

Much like PD blowers, they can move air between rooms without risking leaks. It’s the ideal blower to use for chemical, food, or industrial processing. Waste treatment industries also enjoy this blower thanks to its sealing properties.

Know the Different Types of Blowers Today

Each fan in the industry has specific dimensions, designs, and features that make it useful in certain situations. Learn about the types of blowers from this industrial blower buying guide to get the best one today!

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