An Introductory Guide to Building Security

It’s 2022 and workplace crime is still costing businesses $50 billion per year. From break-ins in the middle of the night to shoplifters and employee theft, if you’re in business, you’re losing money somehow.

But many businesses are losing money due to their own negligence. If a business fails to implement best building security practices, it should expect to be robbed.

Thieves aren’t always the smartest people. But they know how to take advantage of a situation. If they know there aren’t cameras or alarms, there’s a good chance they are going in.

Luckily, upgrading your security measures is easier today than it ever has been in history. There is so much technology available to make it much harder for people to steal from your business.

So what do you need to know about protecting your building? Here are some first steps.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are your number one defense. The presence of security cameras can help deter theft altogether. By placing security cameras inside and outside your facility, a thief may go elsewhere before even committing a crime.

And if your employees know that there are cameras all over the place, it would prevent most of them from stealing as well.

If a theft does take place, you can reference your footage to help find the offender and take action against them retroactively.

Larger buildings with more at risk, such as hospitals, can install CCTV equipment for a more controllable, live security system.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems come in many different styles. You can install a general intruder alarm system, that you set at the end of the day after everyone leaves the facility.

After an alarm is set, any time a door opens, the alarm passcode would need to be used within a minute or two. If not, it will alert building managers, or it can alert a security company directly.

With alarm systems, if someone breaks into your building, you’ll know very quickly and alert the authorities.

Employee Card Access

In many environments, it’s best to keep doors locked at all times. With so much traffic on a daily basis, it would be easy for intruders to access areas they shouldn’t.

Even your own employees don’t all need access to certain areas. Using keycards as a simple access control system, you can assign each employee levels of access, determining where they can and cannot go.

You can also track which cards are used to get into certain areas, and at what times. So in the event that a card is used during a crime, it can be tracked.

There can also be automatic schedules created so that employees can’t use their cards after hours. But you can give managers extended access.

Investing in Building Security

There are a number of other ways you can implement building security. From fences and gates to security guards and motion detectors, you can make your building as secure as possible.

Since theft is so prevalent, it makes sense to invest in an efficient system that can prevent crime and track down those who do commit a crime.

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