Best Online Money Making Trends for 2021

The online community and money-making options are continually expanding and people have many different opportunities where they can establish their online business right from the comforts of their home. With all the technology advancements, online working is a popular option among people, and by 2021 remote workers will take up to 50% of the entire workforce on the planet.

This proves the fact that this section will continue to grow, and finding the next online money-making trend could be essential for establishing a successful online business. In this article, we will go through some of the options with a greater chance of success, just like predicting the Kentucky Derby horse race contenders.

Start an Online Course

If you have some kind of skill that you want to share with the online community, it is best to start a course. There are a lot of online platforms that allow you to teach other people on specific topics. You do not have to be a science expert to establish a successful online course. For example, Anna Stolkovic teaches people how to set up their Instagram account, which is not that difficult, and yet earns more than $2,000 per month selling her course.

Even if you are a camera-shy, you can provide your course through PDF documents or written tutorials. This is going to be a very popular online money-making option.

Create a Blog

Even though this is one of the oldest ways to make money online, it is still a popular option among entrepreneurs. Monetizing a blog with ads can lead to impressive income especially if you have knowledge in online marketing and SEO. However, the blog business offers many more opportunities for making money, such as affiliate programs, where you advertise products from Amazon or sponsored links that can be added to your blog. 

The best thing is that it does not require too much money to start with and has a high potential of becoming something big.


There are many different freelance websites where businesses search for people with the right skill set. The translation is one of the most popular and paid jobs online. If you speak another language, it is best if you apply for these kinds of jobs and start earning money online.

Start Your Podcast

Creating a podcast is trending now and the only thing you need to start one is a laptop and a good microphone. You don’t have to run your podcast daily and just because they are not live, you can record multiple episodes at once and air them sometime in the future.  Podcast offers different ways to earn money, such as commercial sponsorships or advertising products or services. Since you don’t need a studio, you can record your podcast wherever you go.

Sell Your Photos or Videos

If you travel a lot or like taking pictures or making videos, stock photography is the right business for you. Since there are many regulations for usage rights, people are starting to buy stock photography much more than ever before. This is the best way to make money out of your hobby and all you have to do is publish them on stock photography selling websites.

Start Streaming

Video streaming is constantly growing, and nowadays, almost every social media platform has an option where you can stream your live videos and earn money. The most popular streaming topic is gaming. So, if you like playing games and would want to get paid for it, you should set up an account on every social media platform such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and etc. and start making videos.

These are some of the latest online money-making trends that will continue to be popular in 2021. It is essential to get your head in the game and search for the most recent trends in order to find out how can you use your skills to make money from home.

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