Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools / WhatsApp Marketing For Business

WhatsApp is a mobile app that lets you chat with other people on WhatsApp around the globe using our mobile internet, without SMS charges. It also lets you share files, images, videos, documents and even lets you make video calls.

The popularity of this app has been increasing at a high rate since its launch in 2009. Due to this reason, there is an increase in a common practice among business, i.e. WhatsApp Marketing. One of the many reasons for this trend of WhatsApp marketing is a fact that WhatsApp is a free application and most of the targeted audience use this application on a daily basis as a common mode of communication.

It also lets you communicate with your consumers directly and in real time. WhatsApp’s support to send and share files, documents, videos, audios, links helps a lot as the content directly goes in the hands of your clients. WhatsApp also allows you to create groups with up to 256 members which can be very helpful in planning events with your customers and company employees.

Few WhatsApp Marketing examples

  • Vodka Absolut
  • Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Tips for WhatsApp Marketing

  • Provide real-time customer service through chat, voice call or video call. You can even use WhatsApp web for this, as WhatsApp web allows you to use WhatsApp in your PC and you can use headphone, microphone, keyboard and web camera which will increase your efficiency than in a mobile phone.
  • As mentioned above, you can open WhatsApp group of up to 256 members, so you can take advantage of WhatsApp groups to start a collective chat in which all the members interact. You can also survey your audience for a market study and get public opinion on new products before or after launching them in the market.
  • Keep your messages brief, to the point and relevant to maintain the interest of your audience.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools

  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender – This is a WhatsApp Marketing Software

This software allows you to find WhatsApp users from your contact list, find the most active user in your WhatsApp list and then send them scheduled texts, documents, media, and location.

  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender – This includes WhatsApp Marketing Tools and Solutions

It provides WhatsApp Marketing Solutions such as WhatsApp Channels, WhatsApp Marketing Panels, WhatsApp Marketing Suite and WhatsApp Marketing Services.

  • WAPanel – It is a Web-based WhatsApp Marketing Panel

It is an automated WhatsApp marketing panel which runs campaigns on the cloud. This allows you to run a higher quantity of campaigns using WhatsApp Channels.

  • com – It is a premium WhatsApp Marketing Service

This WhatsApp marketing service is one of the most accurate and 100% guaranteed delivery service these days. – It is a WhatsApp Marketing Service provider.

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