Brand Creating 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to create a strong brand for your business? Not sure what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to brand creation?

Presenting a brand consistently can increase revenue on average by around 23%, so investing in your business branding can be well worth it. However,  creating a strong and memorable brand is easier said than done and businesses often make mistakes in the process.

In this brand creating guide, we’ll tell you about all of the dos and don’ts of business branding.

Things That You Should Do When Branding Your Business

To get your branding right, there are a few things that you should plan to do. Here are some of the most important things to remember.

Do Remember That Simplicity Is Key

When working to create a great brand, remember that simplicity is key. You should make sure that you don’t overthink things but instead ensure that your branding and messaging are clear and concise. Great logos, such as Nike’s, are simple, yet easy to recognize.

When it comes to developing a logo and graphics or choosing the messaging for your brand, make sure that you opt for simplicity and memorability. Many times, a simple and straightforward approach is the best one.

Do Aim For Consistency

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when trying to build a brand is that they don’t aim for consistency.

You need to make sure that you’re using branding materials, colors, and messaging in a standardized and coherent way. If the branding materials and colors you use are totally different on different social media channels, for example, it can seem unprofessional.

Whether building your branding on social media channels, on your website, or offline, you should make sure that your business branding is cohesive.

Do Know Who Your Target Customers Are

When working to build your brand, you should make sure that you think like your customers. You should really iron out who your target audience is and should learn everything about them that you can.

Knowing your audience can help guide you as your build your brand strategy and create a unique brand value proposition. It can help you create logos and branding materials that resonate with them.

Do Align With Your Business Values

To build a strong brand, it’s important that you have clear brand values that you stand by. You should also that you’re working to build trust with your audience.

Be sure that your branding strategy doesn’t backfire and that your brand doesn’t become synonymous with deceit. Ensure that you keep up with any promises and claims that you make and ensure that you’re being as honest and clear as possible with any brand messaging that you use.

Things to Avoid When Branding Your Business

While doing the things above is a great step in the right direction when building a brand, there are some things you should avoid. Here are some of the main things that you shouldn’t do when building a brand.

Don’t Gear Your Brand Towards Everyone

A major mistake that businesses make with branding is that they attempt to target everyone at once. You need to make sure that you’re staying focused on your target customer base and not trying to attract everyone.

Get clear about who your ideal buyers are and build your brand with those people in mind. If you try to alter your branding in a way to please everyone, you may miss out on connecting with your core customer base.

Don’t Think That Advertising Is Enough

Many companies and businesses are confused about what branding actually is. Remember that running ads won’t be the same thing as building a brand.

Building a brand is a long-term strategy and should include more than simply running a few unique ads. Every part of your business and anything that is publicly visible should be a part of your branding strategy, so make sure that you’re not relying on advertising alone.

Don’t Copy Your Competitors

While it’s tempting to look at your competitors and try to copy what they’re doing, it’s often best not to follow the trends. If you want to make your brand memorable and want it to stand out in your customer’s minds, you should do something different and avoid playing it safe.

Make sure that you consider your brand identity carefully. Work to create branding that aligns with it, rather than just doing what other companies are doing.

While knowing what your competitors are doing can be helpful for your business overall, trying to brand your business like theirs may lead to your business not standing out very well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rebrand

After investing in branding initially, many companies decide to keep it the same for a long time. However, you should be sure to refresh your branding regularly. Be sure that you update your branding from time to time to keep it looking fresh and exciting.

While you may want to incorporate elements of your current branding into your modern look, you should update your brand more often than you may think. Waiting too long to make changes and getting too used to the way things are can be a big mistake.

Making the Most of These Brand Creating Tips

If you want to win over more customers and build a more memorable brand, be sure that you’re following the brand creating 101 tips listed above. By working to build a unique identity for your business while keeping it simple and consistent, you’ll be well on your way to having a great brand.

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