Business Advertising: A Quick Introduction to YouTube Ads

Did you know that, after Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world? Over 122 million people use YouTube every day, totaling about a billion hours of viewed content. Are you missing out on that huge demographic?

If you’re ready to take your business advertising up a notch, then you need to invest in YouTube ads. Here’s a brief guide to get you started!

Types of YouTube Ads

The two broad types of YouTube ads are skippable and non-skippable. Non-skippable ads carry a bad reputation; users find them more annoying than useful, leading to a high abandonment rate. These ads can’t be longer than 20 seconds, but if you pack quality content together with an engaging CTA, they can be the most effective way to deliver your message.

Skippable ads take many forms, the first of which is in-stream ads. These play before a user’s selected video and clicking them will lead to the advertiser’s landing page. They are typically between three and twenty minutes long, but users have the option to go to their chosen content after five seconds.

Another type of skippable ad is Video Discovery ads: these appear on the YouTube home page or in search results. Both types of skippable ads are pay-per-click, so you only pay if users click them or watch them for a certain length of time. They are also targeted to users based on their search history.

YouTube and Google are constantly updating their ad services. Learn more about some of these updates now.

How to Make a YouTube Ad

YouTube ads tend to value branding and interaction over hard sells. As a result, your YouTube ad can take almost any form such as how-to videos, funny clips, and even music videos.

Once you have crafted your ad, it’s simple to get it on YouTube.¬†Create a campaign in Google Ads, and follow the instructions there. It only takes a few easy steps to start showing your ads!

The most important thing is to choose the right keywords for your campaign. These terms ensure that your ad appears in front of the right audience.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

Videos are a uniquely engaging way to interact with your target market, and they come with a high ROI to prove it. Beyond that, these types of company ads are:

  • Cost-effective, as you only pay for guaranteed impressions
  • Measurable, as you get all the benefits of YouTube analytics and Google Ads metrics
  • Targeted, as the people who see your ad are already interested in what you offer
  • Fast, as you can show your ads to millions of interested users

Take Your Business Advertising to the Next Level

Your company’s growth starts with business advertising; make sure you’re implementing the best strategies! YouTube ads could be just what you need to draw in more customers and see your business bloom.

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