Career Journey: Working At Startup

Working at a startup never been easy. But it’s all worth it if you can manage it well. Let’s read about my startup career journey.

Today marks two years of my journey of working at an explainer video company called Breadnbeyond. If Breadnbeyond is a university, then I’ll be having this title: Master of Explainer-Video Project-Management.

Hmmm, to say that I am good enough to be a master, it should be asked to my clients, haha. For these years, my team and I have produced more than 200 videos for clients from 22 countries (and counting!). I can’t be more grateful for all the lessons that I got from my career experience.

Two years ago, upon graduating from university, I sent applications to some companies. I didn’t have very specific criteria – maybe I was too vague with my friends’ jobs at that time – but I just knew one thing: I wanted to work in a place where my English skill would be useful – and improved too. I never took any English course, but you must have heard a quote saying, “practice makes perfect.”

My minor thesis was about Intercultural Communication, and my informants came from several countries – so you don’t have to question my passion for this job.

Get To Know More To The Startup

This startup company is producing an awesome explainer video, all from scratch. I’m proud to be the one of company’s members, such a great feeling on my career experience.

Check this one:


Career Journey

However, I was once accepted here as a copywriter. Yes, I do writing business, and I am a part-time blogger. If you ever read about our video creation process, I wrote the article – along with other articles. Along the way, I found out that marketing and project management seemed very interesting, and I asked for the chance to learn these things from my boss. It turned out great, and I have loved it ever since!

Breadnbeyond is beyond a workplace for me, my career experience. It’s my second home – or I can say my first, as I spend more time here than in my real home, haha. My boss is not just a captain of the sailing ship. He teaches us – the sailors – to control the wind. It’s more than just a company, and it’s a house for self-improvement and skill-upgrade.

Personally, I think an explainer video company like Breadnbeyond is also a training center for the development of the heart and mind. Why? My humble boss already shows us examples. He listens more than he talks, something that I am still learning day by day. They also appreciate the team like we’re always doing great.

My office mates are also the best. They are skillful – and with them, I feel like I can conquer the world (okay). They are my other brothers and sisters, time flies when we talk, and we joke.

Last but not least. The clients, what can I say? Well, startup and tech are both new things in Indonesia. I’m not even a tech-savvy person, so before I start my career journey by working in Breadnbeyond, I didn’t know that Facebook was once a startup. I am glad to have the opportunity to learn new things from each of the client’s products, and I believe that our life will be easier and more convenient in the future because of startups. I am often enlightened by the spirit of entrepreneurship that my clients have.

Dear clients, thank you for trusting my startup company to be your creative partner.
Thank you for helping us grow our ‘playground’ and giving us opportunities to be part of your success.

At the end of this career journey story, as my boss said, perhaps we are not the best or the cheapest, but if you are looking for people who work with heart, look no further because we are here to help you.

How about you? Would you mind sharing your career experience?

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