Clean Up: What Services do Janitorial Services Include?

If you own a business, you know that keeping it spotless is very important for you and the people around you. Customers love to see a clean, tidy office. It makes them feel comfortable and not nervous about getting germs on their clothing or skin.

Your employees want to feel the same way. So if you want your business to grow, you’ll want to make sure you hire a good janitorial services company.

What exactly do janitorial services include? And how can they help your business grow? Keep reading to find out.

What Do Janitorial Services Include?

Janitorial services come to clean commercial or residential properties. Many businesses hire janitorial services to clean their office space. Most janitorial services include:

1. Basic Cleaning

The basic cleaning tasks usually include cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and kitchens. Janitors must empty trash cans, sweep sidewalks, and do other general maintenance tasks.

Janitors may have to clean several times a day or once a week. It depends on the size of the building and the number of people who work or visit there.

2. Specialized Cleaning

There are many specialized cleaning tasks that janitorial services provide. These tasks are necessary to maintain the condition of the area. Some of the tasks are power washing, carpet washing, and other high-maintenance tasks.

Each of these tasks requires specific tools and training to complete. Janitorial services have the necessary equipment and trained personnel to complete these tasks.

Professional Services Have Insurance

Most professional janitorial services have insurance protection against property damage and personal liability.

Insurance protects janitors, employees, and clients from damages and injuries.

Why Consider Hiring Professional Janitorial Services?

Professional janitorial cleaning services can save businesses time and money.

They must be customizable enough to fit the unique needs of any business and house. They should provide thorough cleanliness and sanitation. Also, professional janitorial services are effective against illness and disease.

Most businesses cannot achieve this on their own without the necessary skills and tools.

Choosing the Cleaning Service Plan

A good janitorial service will offer a wide variety of services to their customers. They should be able to do everything from basic to complex cleaning tasks.

Janitorial services must be customizable for their client’s specific needs. A customer who owns a pet store may need more regular and thorough cleanings than a customer who owns an office.

Janitorial Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning: The Difference

A janitorial cleaning company and a commercial cleaning company provide different services. Janitorial cleaning companies generally are for residential buildings.

Commercial cleaning companies provide cleaning services for businesses and other commercial buildings. The services they provide seem similar but will depend on the scope and size of their cleaning area.

Get in Touch With a Professional Janitorial Services Company

When it comes to “what do janitorial services include,” there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different and has different needs. But, there are some basic and specialized services that most janitorial companies have.

If you’re looking for a janitorial company to clean your space, be sure to ask about what services they offer. And if you’re not sure what your business needs, a good place to start is with these basic services.

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