Customs VW Trike Motorcycles for Sale

Here is the latest Douglas custom VW trike for sale. This all-steel trike features a custom frame/body construction specially designed for a Suzuki neck and frame section (thus identifying the year and year for registration and title) for rugged style and unmatched performance and reliability. Is. All removable panels are all steel too… no fiberglass or plastic parts or fenders etc at all! The finish is an industrial coating that offers a satin black finish that won’t shine when your legs rub it and is more chip and scratch resistant than any paint! And very easy to keep clean! The rear bumpers on the lower rails, handlebars, luggage racks and wheel centers are high gloss black. This trike has precision (automotive type) cruise control! Like any stick shift car except foot throttle right side shift emergency brake rear disc brake and drives handlebars. It’s design is based on the theme of the Stathanda being a stretched helicopter shape with a stable handling stop dead brake slot car cornering and no front wheel lift on take off. The seat was designed for comfort and style with three different density foams and all-sport stretch vinyl with steel pans that lift the bottom seat for storage and access. All removable panels are specially designed to be scuff-free with one-knob removal on rubber mounts! The rear engine cover is removable with only two pins but the normal opening provides access to full engine and clutch adjustments as well as: lights 12 volt accessory power port remote battery connection and remote start connector for easy tuning. The Freeway Flyer (3.88 R&P) has an IRS transaxle mounted on a specially designed triangular frame and is powered by a 1600 Type 3 VW engine. The engine features a counterweighted crank CB Performance 2280 cam dual MPEPC 34 carb SVDA distributor with electronic ignition along with new lightly ported and polished heads (with a special combustion chamber truck for extra torque). There are total seal piston rings for additional compression and cylinder seals. BLOW BY TO NEAR NUT) CUSTOM FABRICATED EXHAUST WITH CROSSOVER TUBE LIGHTED FLYWHEEL HIGH OUTPUT COIL 8MM SILICONE PLUG WIRES PLATINUM PLUS BOSCH PLUG WITH ALL NEW AND LAST BUILD! You can carry enough on this trike to get away from home. With four luggage racks and two saddlebags as well as an underseat storage area! Access to components is provided with easy maintenance which is a central theme of Triax design even the sissy bar removes with a knob! All lights are vibration-proof and long-lasting LEDs (except the headlight). The59 caddillace tail lights 3rd engine cover brake/tail light blinding high output driving lights trumpet metal air horn and 6 foot wind rear end ensures you are seen and heard for safe driving. This trike has a lot to add here… Call (662 ) 816-8379 or email with questions. I don’t need to sell it I want no tourists please. If it sells great…if it doesn’t..still great as I built it for myself 🙂 Last 4 DK trikes all sold without relisting. ..good luck and thanks for bidding!

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