Do You Need Cash Now? 5 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Today

Did you know that 25% of Americans don’t have any emergency savings? If this sounds like you, then it can be stressful, as disaster can strike at any time.

Perhaps an emergency has happened and you have no funds to pay for it. Or you just want to be prepared should the worst happen.

Whatever the case, if you need cash now, don’t fret. Here are 5 great ways to make money fast!

1. Borrow Money From Loved Ones

Ask around and see if anyone’s got $5 or $10 they can spare. Asking just 5 people can make a huge difference, so it’s worth a try.

Not only do you have longer to make repayments, but there are no interest rates involved. And you never know; someone might say consider it a gift!

2. Sell Your Unwanted Items

Chances are, you’ve got things sitting around in your house that are unused and unwanted. So if you need money now, sell these off quickly to your friends and family. You can also list them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Don’t forget about gift cards. Dig around in your drawers to see if you’ve got a few lying around you can sell.

Not only does this get rid of junk, but it also gets you cash fast. Depending on how much your stuff’s worth, you can get anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars in one afternoon.

3. Do Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are a great way to quickly get cash, especially if you’ve got friends and family who aren’t able-bodied or have a busy schedule. Offer to wash their dishes, water their plants, walk their dogs, etc. in exchange for a small sum.

If you’re really pressed for money, consider IOUs. For instance, have your neighbor front you $50 now and you’ll watch their dog next Saturday.

4. Get a Loan

If your credit score isn’t bad, then you can try getting a personal loan. While this won’t give you cash in hand immediately, approval can still be pretty quick. Plus, it’ll get you a larger sum than some of the other methods on this list.

But before you sign up for any loan, check out the financial institution first. For example, read the reviews for Rightway Funding to get peace of mind, knowing you’re borrowing from a reputable source.

5. Use Your Credit Cards

This isn’t the smartest thing to do financially, but it’ll do in a pinch.

If you already have credit cards, consider charging your emergency expenses on them. If that’s not possible, you can take a cash advance out at an ATM.

Do note that credit cards come with hefty interest rates, so make sure to pay off your balance as soon as you can. That way, you can avoid an endless cycle of debt.

Need Cash Now? Try Our Tips

If you need cash now, then you have several ways you can get cash quickly. Whether it’s asking your loved ones for money, selling your junk, doing odd jobs, getting a loan, or using your credit cards, you’ll have options to keep afloat and handle any emergency that comes your way.

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