Green Trucking: A Noble Feat for Your Fleet

In 2020, the global freight trucking market reached a value of $875.56 billion.

Trucks, like all vehicles, are essential to our everyday lives, but harmful to the environment. Many companies are looking into green trucking to help reduce the environmental impact of their trucking services.

There are several things that you can start doing to be more environmentally friendly. For a rundown of some ways to be a greener trucker, keep reading.

Planned Routes

Using a GPS generally provides drivers with the quickest, shortest route to their destination. Keeping on track and not getting lost means less gas wasted for more eco-friendly trucking.

If possible, you should try to carry out journeys at times when the road is less busy. Again, this will save gas, and all trips will get done quicker. Sitting idle in traffic just burns gas for no reason.

Avoiding traffic is also ideal for a driver if they are delivering somewhere they are not familiar with.

Drive Smarter

Driving at a reasonable, stable speed will burn through less gas. Pushing a truck to its limits in terms of speed is far less efficient, and stopping and starting will also make the engine work harder than it needs to. Environmentally friendly trucking means keeping things as efficient as possible.

Truckers can be on the road for long periods, so being able to use electronic devices can help. Car batteries provide a DC voltage, but most electronics need an AC voltage to work. A power inverter can use a DC source to mimic an AC voltage, meaning you can have more comfort and rely less on amenities at service areas.

Go Paperless

Drivers can log their hours electronically, rather than on paper. This may seem unnecessary, and people who are a bit old-fashioned may be against it, but every little helps, and saving on paper can go a long way when the use is widespread.

If you support a greener trucking industry, you should be open to this. Even if you don’t have to follow the ELD mandate, you could still go paperless by logging hours on your phone.


In terms of green solutions in trucking, and all other aspects of life, recycling is something that everyone can do. You can keep a bag in your truck to store any recyclable waste such as paper and plastics. These days a lot of truck stops and gas stations have recycling facilities for this exact purpose.

You can also cut down on waste by bringing food in reusable containers, carrying a reusable bag, and getting a reusable coffee cup.


When a vehicle is well maintained it will run more efficiently. Regular maintenance will make your truck produce less carbon monoxide, and keeping a clean air filter can also improve fuel efficiency.

On top of this, keeping your truck serviced will reduce the risk of a breakdown, and increase the safety of yourself, and others on the road.

Committing to Green Trucking

Several other steps can be taken towards green trucking. The most important thing is that you take it upon yourself to make these changes, and if you can, encourage others to do the same.

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