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Holland & Knight says partner, 60, died while swimming

Holland & Knight says partner, 60, died while swimming

A 60-year-old partner in the firm’s business development division has died while swimming in the pool at its headquarters in Washington, DC.

Dennis J.

Brown, who joined Holland & Knight in 1980 as director of financial services, held several posts including chief operating officer, head of financial services, head of business development and director of marketing.

He had worked at Wright Handles HKLAW

Holland & Knight, a financial services company with its headquarters in New York City, said the 60-year-old man died Sunday afternoon after he was swept away by a wave while swimming in the Hudson River.

Working at Holland & Knight

Our working at Holland & Knight Blog is the best place to find jobs and career opportunities at Holland & Knight. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position or just want to explore our firm further, you’ll find it all here.

Holland & Knight is a leading full service investment banking firm based in New York City. We are seeking talented individuals for a variety of opportunities in Investment Banking, Research, Operations, Technology, and Marketing.

Doug Wright Holland And Knight Is An Incredible Team of Writers

Doug Wright Holland And Knight is an incredible team of writers that I’ve met through the SEO community. Each one has a different skill set. One writes articles, another does podcasts, and another helps with Google Ads and Analytics. They are all great at what they do and if you have any questions, feel free to contact them via email or phone. They’re easy to talk to and quick to respond. I’d recommend contacting them for anything in the industry.

Doug Wright Holland And Knight Is An Incredible Team of Writers is the premier law firm for business and commercial transactions in New York City. It is home to over 40 lawyers, each with experience in a specific practice area. It is also home to an impressive team of writers and editors.

Wright Hklaw – Introductionary Detail of Doug Wright Hklaw

Wright Hklaw is a brand which has been established in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan since 1999. It mainly produces children’s furniture and home accessories such as wall clocks, rugs, bedding, sofas, lighting, etc. It also offers some customized service. Wright Hklaw has its own factory and warehouses in Hong Kong. Wright Hklaw sells its products throughout the world, including China, Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Canada, New Zealand, and so on.

Doug Wright has a passion for creating beautiful designs that serve a purpose. He has worked for years in the business of building furniture for people’s homes. His creations are functional and he does not compromise on quality. His work can be found in homes all over America.


Wright handles is a family owned company based in the UK. We are a manufacturer of high quality products for the home including wardrobes, beds, bed frames, storage solutions, kitchens and mirrors.

We manufacture all of our own products in our own factory, so you can be assured that we are always producing the highest quality products.

Wright Handles

The Wright Family

Wright handles was founded in 1996 by the Wright family with one goal in mind.

To build a business that produced high quality, value for money products at affordable prices.

Wright Handles HKLAW are a range of handles specifically designed for the Hong Kong market. The main reason that these handles have been designed with the Hong Kong market in mind is because they are designed to fit all types of kitchens, including those in Hong Kong.

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