How to Beat the New Instagram Algorithm

According to a recent report, roughly 40% of US adults use Instagram.

Because Instagram has such a huge reach, it can be a great way to promote your business. However, the algorithm changes regularly, and you might not know how to get results with the latest version.

This post will provide you with some tips on how you can conquer the new Instagram algorithm. If you want to achieve great results with Instagram, these tips will help you reach success.

Let’s begin!

What Does Instagram Say?

Instagram doesn’t really provide any specific data on how the latest algorithm works.

That said, they do provide some general information that provides a rough overview of how everything works.

For instance, if you go over their content, you’ll learn that likes can affect what people see in their newsfeed. The way individuals interact with certain profiles will also determine what people see in their feed.

Is There a Better Source of Information?

The information above is very general, and you might already know this sort of stuff. Following this, you might be on the lookout for information that is more specific and relevant to the latest algorithmic changes.

Well, if you want that kind of data, you often have to read social media marketing blogs. You’ll also have to follow Twitter profiles that focus on Instagram marketing.

If you do this, you’ll learn from people that are actively trying to reverse engineer the latest algorithm.

These people often discover significant algorithmic factors that Instagram hasn’t publicly acknowledged.

You can then use their insights to boost your presence on Instagram, especially if competitors aren’t aware of what you’ve learned.

Should You Try to Beat the Algorithm?

Something to keep in mind here is that Instagram changes its algorithm regularly. Because of this, keeping up with every little change can often be a very difficult task.

Plus, if you try to build your strategy around one specific part of the algorithm, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

After all, if Instagram changes the part of the algorithm you’re relying on, you’ll probably be back at square one.

Due to all this, you should just try to focus on the fundamentals. Generally, that means you need to post good content, and you need to also engage with your followers.

It’s important to remember that Instagram isn’t out to get you. This blog post focuses on the Instagram algorithm, and it does a good job of explaining this point.

In any case, if you focus on the fundamentals, you can still achieve great results. Furthermore, if you adopt this approach, you should be able to weather future algorithm changes with relative ease.

How Should You Approach the New Instagram Algorithm?

This post has provided you with some tips on how you should approach the new Instagram algorithm.

If you study the latest updates hard enough, you might be able to game the system. However, your results will be short-lived, and so this approach generally isn’t sustainable.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, you should try to focus on the fundamentals of the algorithm. If you do that, you should be able to achieve stellar results, no matter what niche you’re in.

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