How to Create an Eye-Catching Shop Display That Will Increase Sales

The first bite is with the eye. A picture tells a thousand words. 

These well-known phrases are as true now as they were a hundred years ago, only now we have the statistics to back them up.

Understandably, visual merchandising displays also – dubbed the “silent salesperson” – have a critical job to do in today’s retail environment. But how do you create an effortless yet informative shopping experience for your customers with a humble shop display? What are the best ways to communicate your offering for maximum impact?

We’re exploring several key ways to create attention-grabbing storefront displays to draw in your customers and increase sales. 

Use The ‘Rule of Three’

The “rule of three” is one of many effective visual merchandising techniques that can help you create eye-catching displays to boost sales. The idea is to divide your display into three sections, with the main focal point in the middle. You can then use the other two sections to showcase complementary products or create a theme. 

This technique allows for comparison between products or styles or logical groupings of items that can be bought together and offers a sense of balance. 

Use Elements of Surprise

In order to create a memorable shop display, don’t be afraid to use the element of surprise to draw your shopper’s eye. Get creative by placing products at different heights or in unorthodox positions. 

Use props, clever lighting, or an unusual layout to encourage them to stop and make sense of what they see. Contrasting colors will draw the eye and help your customers notice what they might not have seen before. 

Use Negative Space

While the products within window displays are important, don’t forget about the negative space in your store. This is the space between and around your product displays. 

You can use this space to your advantage by carefully considering how you arrange your products and how you light them. This helps to group items logically while also prompting an emotional reaction such as serenity, luxury, or solitude. Avoid clutter and embrace the space.

A Touch of Transparency

Displaying your product in clear packaging or on a see-through shelf ensures that the product is the star of the show, not the packaging. Glass display cases are an excellent way to make use of this merchandising technique, providing the perfect backdrop for your products. They also offer a safe way to display high-value items while still allowing customers to see them clearly.

A Consistent Color Palette

When it comes to creating an eye-catching display, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to stick to a consistent color palette and style. This will help create a cohesive look that is both visually appealing and easy to digest.

Create Your Unique Shop Display 

Yes, it makes sense to take careful note of what your competitors are doing with their visual merchandising choices. However, your shop display is a brilliant opportunity to make your brand stand out and draw in the people that you most want to engage with. 

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