How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

Is your Start Menu does not open or Start Button is not working? If your windows 10 start menu not working, We offer some useful tips to fix the Start Menu.

Start Menu is one of the most important and iconic parts of Windows 10, and the reason why many users like it. The start icon in your Windows 10 PC is seen on the bottom left corner of your display screen.

Sometimes, you may click on the start icon and Start Menu is not working. Without the Start Menu, you get stuck — unable to use the system.

When the start button stops working suddenly, must use the key to open the start menu. The procedure discussed here will help solve the issue and allow you to windows 10 start menu fix.

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How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working?

There are a lot of different ways to help solve the problem with the Windows 10 start menu. The methods you should try are described step by step to make sure you solve the issue quickly and get your system back to normal condition.

1. Creating a New User Account

If windows 10 start button not working still, signup with a completely new user account may fix this issue.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to call out the Task Manager or right-click the taskbar on your desktop at the bottom and click Task manager.

windows 10 start menu not working
How to open task manager in windows 10

2. Type PowerShell and tick the box for creating this task with administrative privileges. Then click OK to continue.

3. Click on start menu and type PowerShell and open as administrator. Now In Windows PowerShell, type the following commands and press Enter key: set new username and password.

We are creating new account with name test. but you can change name test to your own. Follow the below commands. Each command should type separate.

net user test /add

Now press the Enter to create the new account. Now add it to an administrators group by following below command

net localgroup Administrators test /add

4. Now restart your PC and log into the new user account. Your windows 10 start menu working now. You can easily change the new local account to a Microsoft account and transfer your data and settings.

2. Reinstall video card and sound card drivers

Sometimes the audio and video card drivers may create the issue. Reinstalling or updating a video or sound driver can also trigger the icon to stop working. Here is what you can do to get your Start menu working like a charm again.

Update or Reinstall Graphics card driver

1. Download Latest Graphic driver from your pc or laptop manufacturer website. if the downloaded driver file is in .zip format, then extract it into a folder. If that is an installer and is executable .exe file.

Then uninstall the current driver from device manager. You can do this by right click on THIS PC icon on the desktop and click on MANAGE. Now go to DEVICE MANAGER and expand the Display Adapter.

Right click on your Graphic card and click on UNINSTALL. Uninstall may take some time, once it finish, PC may prompt to restart.

Note: Your display resolution will change to default. But dont worry, installing an updated driver will bring it back to supported resolution.

Install Graphics driver from folder where you extracted .zip file. Go to DEVICE MANAGER again as explained above. Now you will see Microsoft Basic Display Adapter under DISPLAY ADAPTER.

  • Right click on Microsoft basic display adapter and click update driver.
  • Select Brows my computer for driver.
  • Click BROWS for driver path “Select folder where you extracted zip file”
  • Tick on INCLUDE SUBFOLDERS, and click NEXT.
  • If the driver is correct, it will start installation. You may be ask for restart on finish.

Update or Reinstall Audio driver

2. Double-click on the sound option, SOUND, VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS. Right-click your audio card driver and click Uninstall device tab. Followed by the up DISPLAY ADAPTER installation guide.

3. When prompted, You will get a notification like the below. Tick mark the box next to Delete the driver for the device. Click to Uninstall button.

4. Reboot your system after the uninstall of both of your video card driver and your sound card driver.

3. Uninstall Dropbox

In some cases, Dropbox may conflict with Windows 10 start menu feature. If you have Dropbox installed, try to uninstall it from your system to get windows 10 start menu not working.

1. Press Window + R keys at the same time to call out the Run box, and then you need to type Control key and press Enter.

2. Find Dropbox in the program list and click it, and click Uninstall to get it removed from your PC.


As you can see, Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working is not too hard to resolve. The above methods take only a few minutes to complete the task. Otherwise, you can go directly to the solution you need.

If you have a better suggestion for us, welcome to leave your thought in the following comment section so as to share it with more users.

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