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MakeMyTrip is a travel portal that offers last minute deals and offers cash back on every booking made. MakeMyTrip is based in India and was founded in 1999 by Abhishek Bachchan, the son of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. offers hotel rooms at low rates in over 1,00,000 destinations. You can get great hotel deals on flight and hotel packages. has many features, like the ability to customize hotels, save your favorite hotel deals, plan trips ahead of time, or take advantage of special promotions.

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Thursday, June 21, 2017

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MakeMyTrip Turns to India’s Hinterlands

MakeMyTrip, the Indian online travel company, has turned to India’s hinterlands in an attempt to capture the attention of rural Indians and lure them from their traditional holiday destinations. In a recent article in the Hindustan Times, MakeMyTrip CEO Amit Agarwal talks about his vision for “rural India.”

MakeMyTrip, one of the world’s leading travel portals, is now launching its services in India.

MakeMyTrip, India’s largest online travel portal, has set up shop in the hinterland town of Kolkata, a place where the only way out is up. The company, which has been a strong advocate of the urban-focused ‘Go Green’ campaign since the very beginning, is now also tapping the untapped market of rural

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MakeMyTrip Earnings Call Transcript

MakeMyTrip Earnings Call transcript provides the complete transcript of the earnings call held on July 18, 2019. During the earnings conference call, the company’s management discussed the quarter’s financial performance and the company’s future business outlook.

We are all excited for this earnings call, as it’s our first earnings call in the history of the company. We will get some answers to your burning questions about our earnings, product road map, future plans etc. So, let’s start with our business.

MakeMyTrip is the leading global travel company with over 90 million registered users. We have built a robust platform where travelers can search, book, and share their experiences with our trusted community. We offer an array of travel products including hotels, car rentals, tours, rail tickets, and air tickets.

MakeMyTrip and Ibibo Group merger

MakeMyTrip and Ibibo Group are going to merge. We talk about the merger in this blog.

MakeMyTrip has announced its partnership with Ibibo Group, one of the leading travel portals in the world. Together, they offer over 1 million hotels worldwide, covering more than 100,000 destinations in 100+ countries. This merger will be a true win-win situation for the customers, as it will enable them to book their travel plans through one portal, across a

On this blog we provide a lot of information on MakeMyTrip’s journey, which started in 2008 with the acquisition of IndiaMART, and what it has done since then. You can read about the company’s strategic plans, the new corporate structure and vision, and the exciting growth of the company in the last few years.

Ibibo Group has acquired MakeMyTrip, the largest online travel company in India with more than 300,000 employees. We are excited to offer our customers even better deals, and hope to add further value to their travel experience. This move will enable us to work together to offer our customers better prices, better service, and better experiences.


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