How to Host an Amazing Virtual Corporate Event

What does your “new normal” look like? While some of the workforce has gone back to their worksite many companies are still encouraging work from home and hybrid work models to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and variants. Larger events, like fairs and conferences, will likely still be remote in 2022. find the latest updates on best news studio.

And if you are in charge of hosting a virtual corporate event there are some unexpected details you need to consider. This article will walk you through how to plan a successful corporate business event that everyone will love!

1. Pick the Theme

Virtual events need to entice the potential attendees through email, website content, and other event content before the event eve begins. Part of getting attention for your event is picking a theme or themes that everyone in your audience will want to learn and discuss.

Once you have the overarching theme, pick detailed sub-topics that will also get people excited to attend. Your theme and sub-topics will help you decide the best format for the event too.

2. Choose a Format

Event planning requires exceptional organizational skills and that is still true for virtual events. Picking an event format will help you stay organized during the event. You can choose a single format, like a panel discussion, or you can choose different formats throughout the event.

Business event formats might include single-speaker, dual presenters, panel, interview, or question and answer (Q&A). They might also feature break-out rooms or networking events. Think about what works best for remote workers before you decide on your format. It can be harder to get remote attendees to participate but it helps with overall engagement.

3. Work With Presenters

You may already know who you want to help you host the event, but if not, now is a good time to start reaching out to experts in the field. You may want to have an informal meeting with potential speakers to ask about their experience presenting virtually because some people are more comfortable than others.

Once you have expert presenters you can start to boost your advertising by posting the names and titles of the presenters.

4. Pick a Platform

Hosting an event requires the perfect venue. Hosting a virtual event requires the perfect online platform. Nothing ruins a virtual event like technology issues, so only choose a platform you trust and test it out before the day of the event.

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Putting Together a Great Corporate Event

You have the basic steps to organize a corporate event but the rest is up to you! Remember to think about your audience and the topics they are most interested in. And once you have your topic, find the best and brightest presenters to engage your remote audience. And finally, don’t overlook the importance of technology.

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