How to Improve Foot Traffic in Your Retail Space

263 million Americans, or 80% of the population, shop online. In our world of ever-evolving technology, we have become incredibly dependent on having items sent to us with the click of a button. However, that can leave the physical retail space feeling emptier and emptier.

If you are operating a brick-and-mortar store, you may be wondering how you can get more people into your space. Continue reading on how to improve foot traffic.

Offer In-Store Pickups

While many people are shopping online, you can attract them into your store with this simple service. Instead of waiting days or weeks for an item to reach your customer via shipping, you can offer in-store pickup. This is a useful option for your customer and it will boost foot traffic in retail spaces.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media is key to promoting your brand. In-store sales and events are useless if no one hears about them. You can help get the word out about specific events your customers may be interested in by utilizing social media.

You can also get influencers involved in the promotion of your space. This helps reach a broader audience.


Speaking of sales and events, you can incentivize a visit to your retail space. There are endless creative ideas that one could come up with. Here are some examples of attractive incentives that improve foot traffic:

  • Bring a friend and get a discount
  • Spend $XX in-store and get a free item (totes, shirts, etc.)

Hosting Events

Retail foot traffic can get slow when there isn’t enough happening in your store. Hosting events such as classes, celebrations (business birthdays), special guests, sales, and more can entice people to visit your physical location. Offering something that is not available online can help with improving foot traffic.

Attractive Spaces

Customers have to be interested in your store to visit. Be sure that you keep your space clean and orderly at all times. One bad impression can put someone off of your business for good. There are professionals, such as King Retail Solutions, that can help you design your retail space appropriately.

Get creative with your exterior as well. If you have a window display, keep it fresh and interesting. You might also consider adding signage, balloons, or a chalk message board.

Invest in Your Employees

Be selective when you hire your employees because they have a major effect on how customers feel about your business. When employees are friendly, knowledgable, and professional, your customers are sure to enjoy their visit. Some employees may even form connections with your customers that keep them coming back again and again.

How to Improve Foot Traffic

Is your store feeling empty in our digital age? Online shopping seems to be taking over the retail space. Don’t give up on your brick-and-mortar store just yet! Try out these helpful tips on how to improve foot traffic in your physical location.

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