How to Improve Your Site’s Mobile Performance

Do you Improve Your Site Mobile Performance? then check out this post. More than half of the traffic online is from a mobile phone (51.2%, to be exact).

This huge share of traffic is accessed from a tiny screen, meaning that if your website is not optimized to be accessed via a mobile, you are ruining your chances for a read, a sign-up, a subscription, or a sale. People can access your website on their phones on the go, and they will access your site through your social media.

There are so many instances where people will use their phone to surf the internet, and that number will only increase as the number of smartphones increases.

Improving your website’s mobile performance is key to improving your overall site traffic and sales, which is why you need to follow these steps to improve your site’s mobile performance today. you may also increase website speed with optimizing tips.

Perform a Website Audit

The first step to improving your mobile site is to first perform a website audit. If your website itself is lacking in any way – it is not fast enough, it is not optimized for search engines, it doesn’t have the necessary security measures – then improving your mobile site will be for naught.

This will be for site performance, user-friendliness, and SEO. To ensure that you get the best possible audit done, hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, like Click Intelligence. Once the audit is completed, you will know how to improve your site and which changes are needed to make it as optimized as possible.

Choose a Theme that is Mobile-Friendly

If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you can download and install a theme that gives you great customization for little upstart cost. This is great for new or budget businesses, as it can give you the professional look you want without needing to pay for a web developer.

If your theme is not mobile friendly, or the creator has stopped sending out updates for it, then it is time to update your site with a new theme. Ensure that it is mobile-friendly and has mobile-customization options so that you can have a great, easy-to-use site whether a user is accessing it on their desktop or on their phone.

The reason why having a mobile-ready theme is important is that, in most cases, this does not just mean your website will be translated so that it fits mobile dimensions. You should be given the ability to scale back the mobile menu so that it is cleaner, easier to use, and clean of distractions.

Get Feedback on Your Site’s Mobile Friendliness

In most cases, you will check your site’s mobile compatibility either on your phone or by using online tools like Google’s Search Console. Simply input your domain name into the mobile-friendly test and Google will analyze it and provide you with an overview as well as links to additional resources that you can use to further test your site’s mobile friendliness.

Remember, however, online tests can only go so far. Ask your friends and family how easy and enjoyable they find using your online site for real feedback.

When designing your website, chances are you will be on a desktop. Don’t let this make you forget about how your website will look and perform on a mobile, because chances are this is where at least half of your traffic will be coming from.

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