How to restart Windows 10 without updating

Restarting your windows when the system finish downloading updates is big issue on slow computers. But if you ask for how to restart windows 10 without updating then its possible with two normal ways.

First Option: Close all opened windows and Press ALT+ F4 Key at the same time. It will give you the normal options, Like Shutdown, Restart, Sleep.

How to restart Windows 10 without updating
ALT+F4 keys for How to restart Windows 10 without updating

Second Option for How do I reboot my computer without updating? : Open Command prompt as an Administrator and type this Command — “shutdown -r -t 00” Your windows will restart immediately.

Note: First and second option applies on the windows from 2000, XP. Vista. 7. 8. 8.1, 10 and on windows servers since 2000.

How to restart Windows 10 without updating
Restart Windows 10 Without installing updates with command “shutdown -r -t 00”

We prefer it to install updates overnights or in the free time to fix the security loop holes and vulnerabilities and bugs discovered by the Microsoft or peoples reported issues.

If the windows update failed to install due to known or unknown reasons. Then you have very few options to recover it.

Recover your Windows 10 when updates failed to install.

Force your Windows 10 computer to start in recovery mode. Enter password if ask. Then click troubleshoot and click uninstall updates.

This way the newly installed updates will be remove then stopping windows to run normally. OR — you have to reinstall windows 10 without formatting installation drive to keep your data safe.

When the installation is completed. you can access your data from installation drive under folder WINDOWS.OLD. Accessing subfolders inside may grant your permissions to open.

Large folder can take some time to apply permissions. Once Permissions apply the folder will brows automatically.

Watch this Video that will explain on How to restart Windows 10 without updating

How to restart Windows 10 without updating

1. Close all opened windows and press ALT+F4 key. this will give you normal option to restart your windows OR
2. Open command prompt and run this command “shutdown -r -t 00” windows will restart immediately.
Shutdown is a command and -r and -t is are switches. -r is for restart and -t for time to restart
How to restart Windows 10 without updating

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