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OKCanc is a website design company based in NYC, New York. We are passionate about our craft and always on the hunt for great content! This blog highlights some of the best web design, development, and marketing content we have found over the past year.


Okcanc is a blog about OKC and everything else in Oklahoma! Read about Oklahomans, places, and events; listen to music, watch videos, get tips and advice from professionals, and more.


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When is the best time to book tickets to visit Alaska? If you are thinking about booking flights from Oklahoma City to Anchorage, look at our guide on when to book flights.


When you are looking to make a trip from OKC to Anchorage, Alaska, you will need to determine which day to travel. There are many factors to consider, such as the weather in each city and your own personal preferences. This blog will give you tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect trip.


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How long does a flight from Oklahoma City to Anchorage take?

How long does a flight from Oklahoma City to Anchorage take? A quick trip on Orbitz found flights from OKC to AKI (ANCH) in only two days, for about $800.


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Oklahoma City – Anchorage Flights

With the new OKC-ANCHOR flights, you can travel from one city to another and enjoy the scenic views and great weather. Book your flight online at OKC ANCHOR flights and explore this unique destination.


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The Conclusion OkCanc Blog is a place where you can read blogs about OkCupid, our online dating website, plus get our take on what’s going on in the world of online dating.

Howdy folks,

Welcome to our blog.

My name is Chris, I am the CEO of OKCupid, an online dating website with over


The OKCANC Blog is all about being a part of a community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping one another succeed.



okcanc is a company that specializes in helping companies and individuals with their real estate needs. We help people find the perfect home or apartment to suit their lifestyle and budget. We are a local company that works in every part of Oklahoma City and we are committed to providing each client with personalized service.

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