OSHA Dress Code Requirements for Construction Sites

The last thing you want on a construction site is injured employees, downtime, and delays. A direct and indirect source of all three of those issues can be improperly attired, workers.

That’s where the OSHA dress code requirements come in. Health and safety might seem like a bit of a headache, but remember, it’s not as bad as the real headache you might get if you aren’t wearing the correct equipment.

Wearing the correct equipment will save lives. We’re going to look at the official line on what to wear at a construction site.

Protect Your Head and Face

There are hundreds of different ways to sustain a head injury on a construction site. That makes wearing a hard hat the most important piece of attire. It’s the staple item that every worker should have in their gear.

The other protection for this region is a face shield of some sort. It could be goggles or a full face mask. If you have any job that involves sparks or other dangers near your face, this is a must.

Keep Your Feet Safe

Steel-toed boots are an obvious go-to for a construction site, but there are a few considerations you might not have taken. Make sure the soles won’t slip and that they can resist puncture.

What Kind of Gloves Should You Wear?

Sharp objects and other hazardous elements are always present on a construction site. Your hands will often be near them, so you need to take precautions.

Any gloves intended for use in a workplace will have a safety rating between one and five. Try to aim for a rating of at least two or three for gloves that will protect your hands.

Dealing With the Rest of Your Clothes

Your other articles of clothing will also have safety ratings, similar to the gloves. Even before we get into that, there are a few things to address.

Don’t wear baggy clothing. It’s asking for trouble, as the clothes may snag on corners or get trapped in machinery. Secondly, make sure that your entire body is covered.

The same rules above go for hair. Make sure that it’s tied back to prevent any unnecessary accidents. If you’ve got any accessories such as jewelry, that will also have to go for the same reason.

Shirts and vests will have a safety class rating, and many construction sites will require Class 2 or Class 3. High visibility clothing for construction is also a must.

One last consideration for your construction PPE is if you’ll be working with loud heavy machinery. If so, you might wish to invest in some form of earplugs or ear protectors rated for working with machinery.

Safety With OSHA Dress Code Requirements

In the end, the OSHA dress code requirements are there to ensure the safety of all the workers. Even if it seems like an inconvenience, knowing what to wear on a construction site will keep everybody healthy.

It’s important for the health of the business, too. A healthy crew means the job will get done in time with minimal hiccups.

If you’d like to know more about keeping your business running smoothly and up to code, consider reading more of our blog!

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