Sales Team Success: How to Sell More Cars

Are you sick and tired of seeing your car lot full of the same old cars? Tired of seeing your sales team underperform month after month?

You’re not alone. Many people are seeing a decline in dealership car sales. In fact, the total vehicle sales in the US have decreased from 12.99 million in October 2021 to 12.86 million in November.

These drops in sales continue to happen to dealerships worldwide because they don’t have the right sales strategy in place.

So how do you stop the rot? How do you go against the grain and develop a sales strategy that gets people saying “yes!” to cars again?

It’s absolutely possible.

And if you keep reading, we will show you how to sell more cars in the next 30 to 60 days.

Redefine The Sales Team’s Roles Over The Next Year

You need people on your staff who can play multiple roles in the sales process to serve customers effectively. While this has always been important, it will become even more crucial in today’s car-buying environment.

Your sales team will need to be well-versed in not just selling products but also explaining the benefits of your dealership’s various service and financing options.

It can also help to have one or two people on staff who are actually dedicated to these non-selling roles so that they remain separate from the process of closing a deal.

Provide Adequate Training For Current Salespeople And Hire If Necessary

Your current employees need dealership sales training, even if they are already skilled. They should know about this year’s model and features that will make it more desirable to customers.

They also need to know how to use today’s modern technology (like tablets and the Internet) to sell cars more effectively.

And of course, you need to hire new employees if your existing sales staff doesn’t have the skills or experience necessary for selling tomorrow’s cars in today’s marketplace.

Adjust The Commission Plan To Reflect The New Reality Of Selling Cars

Your commission plan must align with what you want your sales team to accomplish this year—whether that means increasing market share, growing revenue, or boosting efficiency in certain areas.

If you want them to push better customer service through aftermarket products, they should get commissions on those items, too—not just the car itself.

You can even take it a step further by providing bonuses for exceeding certain goals or milestones.

Utilize Today’s Customer Relationship Management Tools To Sell More Cars

CRM systems keep track of information about past sales and contact information. They also have features that help you build stronger relationships with customers and understand their needs.

For instance, the emails your team sends out can encourage customers to buy new cars by highlighting how they can benefit from today’s upgraded models.

Want to Learn How to Sell More Cars With Less Effort?

In this blog post, we’ve outlined a few tips on how to sell more cars at a dealership. These are just a few of the many ways that successful salespeople have been able to increase their car lot’s revenue faster than they expected.

If you want your dealership to be earning more money and getting new clients in the door on a regular basis, visit our blog for more sales strategies and tactics to help you sell more cars.

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