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Samie Amos is a very popular personality on social media since her name is connected with Jayson Tatum (a basketball player). As a college volleyball player, Samie has an amazing fan following worldwide. Here, we’ll be discussing her full biography.

In this article, we have compiled everything related to the famous social media personality Samie Amos. You will know about Sami Amos biography, net worth, boyfriend, career, education, and many more.

Samie Amos has made a name for herself as a volleyball player. She won numerous titles such as the 2016 National Women’s Open Volleyball Championship. In addition, she was chosen as the New York Athletic Club’s 2016 Rookie of the Year. Samie has also been named to the U.S. World University Games Team as well as the team to represent the United States at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Who is Samie Amos?

Samie Amos is a college-level volleyball player from St Louis, Missouri. She was a focused and decent player since the beginning of her athletic career. She is also very popular as NBA player Jayson’s girlfriend.

Jasons’ girlfriend is a really nice girl and I like her too. She plays volleyball in high school, but she has a different style than most players. Most players try to get rebounds with spikes and blocks. Jayson’s girlfriend tries to get the ball with her hands.

Samie Amos is an excellent volleyball player. She has played for many different schools, and she is always one of the best players. Some of her teammates call her the hardest hitter they’ve ever seen. She is popular because she is Jayson’s girlfriend. He plays with the Jazz, and he has played for the Lakers before.

Samie Amos: What is her full name?

Samie Amos’s full name is Samantha Amos. She is a Christian by her religious beliefs. This American college volleyball player has a huge fan following on social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter as well.

Samie Amos is an excellent example of how being humble can be a positive trait. She is an athlete who enjoys playing volleyball in the USA. Samie Amos is a very popular figure in her home state of Kansas. She has earned a degree in health science. She also plays volleyball in her free time.

Samie Amos became a volleyball star at the age of 18. She played professionally in a team called Wichita Shockers. She also plays for a volleyball club called KU Volleyball. She was a member of the squad that won the 2015 NAIA Women’s Volleyball National Championship.

Samie Amos and her full family information

Samie Amos got viral previously with controversies about her relationship with Jayson Tatum. She and her boyfriend split in 2017 because she got dumped by Jayson. That being said, Jayson Tatum impregnated another woman while dating Samie Amos.

The most talked about Samie Amos relationship has been with basketball player Jayson Tatum. He cheated on his former girlfriend Samie Amos and that was revealed in a scandal that went viral.

Samie didn’t believe that she was really pregnant at first, but after having her baby, she said that she knew she was pregnant before the breakup. She later broke up with Tatum and he kept her a secret and lied to her. He even went to the extent of getting her to keep the baby.

What is Samie Amos’ Age and Date of Birth?

Samie Amos whose full name is Samantha Amos, was born about 24 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri. Her official date of birth is the 4th of May 1998. So yes, this young lady is now about 24 years old.

They both live in the same town. In fact, this girl was born and raised in Missouri, so she considers herself a native of this city. When Samantha is in a relationship, she doesn’t like to have other men around because they will just bother her. However, she knows that she has to compromise with her partner.

The thing that Samie enjoys doing when she is not with her boyfriend is cooking. Actually, she cooks food for her friends. This is one thing that has been making her happy for a while now. Samie and her boyfriend have been together for quite some time now.

Samie Amos’s Net Worth

From a college-level volleyball player, Samie Amos came to a more prestigious career as a legal advisor in recent times. As of January 2023 Samie Amos’s net worth is about $ 1 million now.

Samie Amos is a legal advisor who works with the legal team for the Houston Texans. He was introduced to the NFL by Coach Tom Coughlin. Before he joined the legal team, he was a high school teacher in Houston, Texas. He taught history and the English language. During his teaching days, he was known for being extremely knowledgeable.

He was very popular among his students. He would teach in the afternoon so that he can continue his law studies in the evenings. He enjoyed his work at the school and he thought that it would be a great way to combine his love for learning and teaching. His passion for learning continued even after he got his degree. He took an evening class at the University of Houston law school.

What are the sources of Samie Amos’s earnings?

As we discussed Samie Amos’s previous life and currently what she is pursuing, revealed her source of earnings. She is a Duke University volleyball player. And she is now doing an internship as a Legal advisor at sports and entertainment law.

Samie Amos is a junior at Duke University, majoring in communications. Her field is legal studies. She has been a member of the Duke team for four years. Samie has played for three years. The year before last, she was selected as the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) freshman of the year. Samie loves Duke.

Samie plays on Duke’s women’s volleyball team and is in her second year. Duke’s volleyball team is one of the top teams in the ACC. It has won many championships over the years. Samie is a three-time All-American and has played on a number of ACC Championship teams.

How was Samie Amos’s Childhood and Education?

Samie Amos was born and brought up in St. Louis, Missouri. She was a sports-oriented kid from an early age. If we talk about her educational history, she went to St. Louis High school and Suffolk University.

Samie Amos is one of those people who has gone places in the world. She is a person who is very determined and motivated. In 2008, she joined the National Basketball Association, the American League. She played for the Washington Wizards. She is a forward player and she is 5’10” tall. Her nickname is “Cherries”.

She was named to the All-Star Game for the 2009 season. If you look at her career, it would seem like she has been in this profession for years. When she was only 12 years old, she started playing basketball in high school.

Do we know about Samie Amos’s Parents and Siblings?

American college level volleyball player Samie Amos’s parents are Jason Amos (father) and June Amos (mother). She grew up with her youthful brother Luke and her parents adore them a lot. Luke is her only sibling.

A lot of Americans would enjoy playing volleyball. Most people have the opportunity to play sports during their childhood. Playing sports can help you have good health and stay in shape. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports for kids to play. You can learn a lot about life while you’re playing.

This is because you will be exposed to different things such as friendships and relationships. Playing sports can also help you to have fun and have a healthy body. Sports activities will provide you with different opportunities to develop yourself and learn new things.

Who is Samie Amos’s Boyfriend?

Samie Amos was previously dating Jayson Tatum, the famous NBA player. But now she is not dating anyone. We have heard a lot of drama about Samie and her ex-boyfriend Jayson Tatum over social media a few years ago.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Samie Amos and Jayson Tatum. She used to date Jayson back in the day, but then they broke up. Rumors have been circulating about Samie since then. Some have said that she has found a new love interest in one of her former friends.

But Samie denied those rumors. She said that she didn’t have time to talk to any men because she was busy with her work. Samie is a lawyer in Texas, and she makes a ton of money working as a lawyer. She is also a former basketball star herself.

How was Samie Amos’s Sports Career?

Samie Amos was a brilliant student as well as a Sportsgirl in her early school life. Samie played a lot of matches in college-level volleyball tournaments. She was highly dedicated to her volleyball career and wanted to represent American volleyball in international events.

Samie’s dedication and hard work paid off. She became a volleyball player and also an academic person. She has played the game in many colleges in the United States. Samie was also selected as a member of the United States volleyball team and she represented her country in various international volleyball events.

Samie is one of the few students who played in all the volleyball events for the University of California in Berkeley. She was a member of the varsity team in every single season. This is not only the reason why Samie became a great player but also the reason why she was chosen to represent the United States volleyball team in different events.

How is Samie Amos’s physical structure?

Samie Amos is  126 lbs in weight and  170 cm in height. Her body measurement is 34-26-34 inches. The feet size is 8. She is very beautiful with her dark brown hair and eyes. She also has tattoos on her body. She is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

She is a professional model. Her profession is acting, photography and runway. Her hobbies are art, modeling, traveling, and music. In 2012 she posed for different photographers. In 2013 she modeled in a campaign for Dior. Samie Amos is one of the hottest girls in the US. She has an average height and a pretty good figure. Her natural hair color is dark brown. She also has brown eyes.

How is Samie Amos’s career going on?

Samie Amos did start her early career as a Sports girl and gained a lot of fame in her career. Later she worked as a salary arbitration Assistant. Samie is currently working as a legal Advisor in sports and entertainment law.

Samie Amos started her career as a Sports girl at a time when many female models were hired to do modeling jobs. She was chosen to model sportswear in different events like cricket, rugby, etc. It gave her a lot of exposure and became popular.

Later, she decided to take up another career of her choice, salary arbitrator. She was hired for the job and soon proved herself to be a brilliant salary arbitrator. She also represented the sports teams on salary matters, which made her name in the sports world. She has helped to increase the salaries of players in the team and has helped to increase the revenues of the team as well.

Is Samie Amos on Social media?

Samie Amos is secretly very popular on her social media accounts. After the split with her boyfriend Jayson Tatum, she got viral. She has a lot of fans following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and linked in accounts as well.

  • Twitter: Not Found
  • Instagram: Samie Amos
  • Facebook: Samie Amos

She has a huge following and a lot of fans. Many people follow her. Her followers keep her updated on the latest happenings. There is no doubt that she is a very pretty girl. Everyone loves her for the way she looks and how she acts. Her posts are fun and lighthearted. Some people think that she is just a pretty face with no real talent.

What is Samie Amos doing in 2023?

Samie Amos talked about in an interview that she dreams to characterize the United States as a volleyball participant. Her eagerness pursues her goal of becoming an educated athlete. Samie, then once more, is determined to assemble fame for herself.

In an interview, Samie told that she is dreaming of being a successful volleyball player and being a character in her own country. She knows that she has to continue with a lot of hard work, discipline, and perseverance to achieve her goal. Samie wants to become famous in her country.

If you want to make it in this world, it takes a lot of work and dedication. Samie knows that she has to put in the necessary effort to get where she wants to go. It is essential to study hard to ensure that you get the best grades. To become successful, you have to follow the rules and obey them.


Samie Amos has been in discussion on social media for a few years. In this article, we have discussed Samie Amos’ family, her career, relationship, net worth, and all. We hope you got a clear idea about this American volleyball player and legal advisor.

There are many Americans who do not know who Samie Amos is. She is the CEO of The Legal Project, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income people with legal issues. The purpose of this organization is to create a system that will allow poor people to solve their own legal problems. We hope you find our article “Samie Amos Biography, Net Worth, Boy Friend, Career, Education” helpful.

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