Soar to the Top: 3 Ways to Boost Your SERP Position in Google

Creating website content sometimes feels like nailing Jello to the wall.

You spend time, effort, and usually at least a little bit of money to fill out each webpage and blog post with valuable information. But if they’re not getting a SERP position on Google’s page 1, that investment may as well vanish into thin air. There’s virtually no visibility after the first few results, and that amazing content is left to collect dust in the search engine attic.

It’s an unfortunate but all too common story. Over 90% of pages get no organic traffic from search.

That may make it seem like long odds to get rankings, but it’s more achievable than you think. We’ll get you started with a breakdown of quick and easy tactics to improve your Google SERP position.

1. Keyword Targeting

Keywords are the long-standing foundation of SEO efforts, and they will always be relevant even if they’re imperfect. Google needs to understand what your content is about so they can match you with queries. The best way to find out is through you telling them!

If you have even a passing knowledge of SEO, SERP position and keywords are not a revelation. Starting to use keywords more purposefully isn’t going to guarantee results. Even with impeccable keyword usage, your small website won’t compete with well-known authorities in your industry.

The trick isn’t to put keywords in more places — it’s to change which keywords you target and go for more long-tail keywords. These types of keywords involve more detailed search queries. For instance, rather than optimize for “running shoes”, you can optimize for “women’s black running shoes”.

Long-tail keywords have lower search volume than popular short-tail keywords, but they also have less competition. It’s better to be on page 1 for a term that only gets 500 searches each month than on page 10 for a term that gets 500,000 searches.

2. Use Paid Search

When you’re just getting started, PPC campaigns are a powerful tool to get visibility in a short time and begin building authority. These campaigns through Google Adwords allow you to pay for ad links at the top of search results, giving you an immediate bump in your Google SERP position. Since you only pay for engagement, it’s one of the best ways to ensure high ROI from your digital marketing tactics.

Paid search allows you to hit the ground running with your search strategy, but it’s crucial to get the most out of the opportunity. That means creating better ads, developing a strong keyword strategy, and using compelling landing pages. Working with SEM experts like Savant DSP can help you capitalize on each click.

3. Create Better Content

Google uses a wide variety of measures to establish your SERP position, but it all comes back to one thing: value. It’s still a work in progress, but their system continues to get better at identifying information-rich, unique, and relevant content to serve users.

You can start improving your SERP position on Google by creating better content. SEO should always be a concern, and you’ll be disappointed when you check your SERP position if you neglect it. But churning out “optimized” cookie-cutter content that is awkward to read and lacks insight will not get rankings nor provide the user experience you need for it to pay off.

Start Improving Your SERP Position Today

Getting rankings will only become more difficult as content continues to flood the search space. The time to change the news for your website is now. With these tips on improving your SERP position, you can start getting quality traffic and better conversion to help your business grow.

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