Social Media Advertising Services That Bring Results

Over 80% of consumers use the internet when looking for local businesses. With social media advertising services, you can reach your target audience online. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising could improve your ROI, too.

In fact, paid advertising has a 200% ROI rate. Traffic through PPC advertising generates 50% more conversions than organic advertising.

Your results depend on the social media advertising platforms you use, though.

Read on to learn about the different services you can request this year. Learning about these services will help you make an informed choice for your brand.

Read on to discover the different social media advertising options available today!

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising will allow you to reach customers on the world’s largest social media network. You can use the Facebook Ads platform to create ads for Instagram, too. Both social media platforms can boost your brand visibility.

You can explore different Facebook ad types and targeting options to customize ads with your customers in mind.

For example, you can use still images, videos, polls, slideshows, and collections within your ads.

Precise targeting will help you avoid wasting time and money. Instead, you can focus on consumers most likely to want your offerings. You’ll have an easier time converting those consumers into leads as a result.

2. Google Ads

As of 2021, Google owned over 90% of the global search market share. Advertising on Google can help you expand your reach online.

As with Facebook Ads, you can use Google to create ads in different formats. For example, you can try eye-catching HTML-5 ads. There are also animation, video, still image, and text ads to choose from.

When someone clicks on your ads, they’ll reach a landing page on your site. Then, you can turn those visitors into leads or sales.

3. Twitter Advertising

If you’re searching for simplistic ads, consider social media advertising services for Twitter. Twitter ads also don’t require you to set a minimum advertising budget.

You can choose different social media advertising formats, including promoted ads. These look like regular ads and can fade into someone’s feed. Consumers can like, retweet, and comment on these ads to share them with others.

4. LinkedIn Advertising

If you’re trying to reach busy professionals, consider using LinkedIn advertising services.

With LinkedIn advertising, you can create sponsored ads, text ads, or sponsored messaging. Sponsored messaging allows you to advertise to LinkedIn members through their inboxes.

5. YouTube Advertising

Want to use eye-catching video ads to keep customers engaged? Consider using paid social media advertising through YouTube. YouTube advertising will allow you to share videos with your audience.

They can click on your videos to learn more about your brand. You can also buy youtube views here. Increasing your view count can help your videos stand out.

Awesome Ads: 5 Social Media Advertising Services for Online Success

Social media advertising services can expand your reach online. You can boost brand awareness, generate more leads, and start increasing sales. Your ROI will rise as a result.

Get started with one of these services today.

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