Social Media Marketing: How to Utilize Instagram for Your Business

Did you know that 50.1% of people’s time spent on their phones is occupied by social media? That means that half of the time people are using their phones, they’re actually scrolling, liking, and sharing posts.

That doesn’t come as a surprise knowing how prevalent social media has become in our everyday lives. But social media can be used for more than just liking and sharing posts. Many businesses actually market on social media.

Like any other marketing strategy, social media marketing is difficult for new users. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use social media to boost your business’s traffic, with a focus on the social media app Instagram followers,

Social Media Marketing: What is it?

If you’ve scrolled through any social media app, chances are you’ve run into a few advertisements at one point or another. Businesses are taking the social media world by storm. This is because social media digital marketing is one of the most efficient ways to bring in new customers.

Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Creating a plan for your social media campaign is crucial to your business’s success. Plans look different for every business, but there are some things most businesses should be doing.

One of those is establishing a target audience and discovering which apps they use. One tip for this is using the hashtag feature on social media apps. Simply type in a product or service similar to yours and see what people are talking about.

You might find that one social media app has more discussions about products than the other. In this case, use that app.

However, we highly recommend giving Instagram a try when marketing on social media. Why is this? Well, Instagram ranks as one of the top five social media apps as of January 2021.

Additionally, Instagram’s layout is perfect for marketing on social media. They allow you to put links directly to your product that opens up within the app and their algorithm helps you reach your target audience faster.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

The clearest benefit of using Instagram to market your business is getting more traffic to your website. On Instagram, you can put a link in your biography that takes users directly to your website’s products page.

Sharing is also very easy on Instagram. When users see a post they like, they’re able to post it to their story directly. This is done by pressing the little paper airplane right below your post.

It’s also much easier to communicate with your customers using the direct message feature. No more having to write out long, formal emails. Just open your DM inbox, and send a message.

Tips for Marketing on Instagram

One of the best features that businesses can utilize is Instagram story highlights. Highlights are compilations of your stories archived on your page. They appear directly under your profile’s biography.

Stories are one of the most beneficial features of Instagram, as you can post anything on them without flooding your page with thousands of posts. However, Instagram deletes your stories after 24 hours. With story highlights, you can save your stories indefinitely.

These story highlights are an excellent way to organize different parts of your business. You can make a highlighted folder for reviews, sales, coupons, and much more. We suggest getting creative with highlights by giving them unique names and attractive pictures.

Here are some other tips for marketing on Instagram:

  • Create polls on your stories
  • Offer coupons on posts by having users tag their friends
  • Purchase advertisements
  • Work with a social media marketing firm

Using a Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media and marketing are both two complex fields of owning a business. There’s so much to learn, but the amount of information out there can get confusing.

You might want to look into working with a social media marketing agency that will help you draw traffic to your page. Additionally, you can also buy followers and likes.

So if you’re a business owner looking to improve your social media marketing, go ahead and give Instagram marketing a try.

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