Sophisticated Style: The Top Trending Men’s Haircuts of 2022

Are you looking to stand out among the other men this year?

If so, you should look at the trending men’s haircuts that have become popular in 2022. These haircuts work for almost any style and will help you make an impression on others.

Make sure you only choose a haircut that you feel comfortable with. No matter how stylish the haircut, you can’t pull it off unless you feel confident with it!

Here are the trending men’s haircuts of 2022 you should consider.

Loose Undercut

One of the best undercut haircuts for men is the loose undercut. You’ll remove your sideburns and shave off any hair next to and under your ears. You want to keep the hair on your head as abundant as possible.

This is a great look for young men, especially in their twenties and early thirties. It works best with square-shaped profiles and is ideal for taller men.

This look works well for both casual wear and formal wear. It’s also ideal if you live in a hotter climate.

This can be a challenging haircut for many barbers, however. As such, you want to research barbershops that have the skill level for this look.

Short Sides Long Top

This is a great haircut that works for all age groups. It’s also great if you aren’t always fond of keeping short hair.

With this haircut, your sides will be a shorter cut than the top of your hair. However, you won’t have much of a difference between the two.

You might want to use a number 3 blade to cut your top hair and a number 2 blade for the sides.

This is a great look if you often wear formal clothing. If you have to maintain a professional look for the office then this haircut works. It lets you express your masculinity without having to look too wild for the workplace!

This haircut works best for men with square or round faces. It’s also best if you are clean-shaven.

Caesar Haircut

If you want a short haircut without going completely bald, then this is the ideal choice.

With this haircut, you’ll shave off the sides completely. You can use a number 3 or number 2 blade to shape the top of your hair. You’ll also want to create a square tape design for your forehead.

This type of haircut will require some maintenance. As a result, you’ll want to invest in a hair gel that can keep your hair in place. This hairstyle can look unattractive if you keep it disheveled.

This haircut works better on younger men such as university students or men in their mid-twenties. It’s better if you stick to casual wear.

If you want to add a flair to the Caesar haircut, consider growing a short beard to complement it.

Slick Back Haircut

If you really want to stand out from a crowd, then you can’t go wrong with slick back haircuts for men.

With this haircut, you want the hair on your head to grow as big as possible. On occasion, you can trim it using a number 4 blade.

You want to shave off your sides entirely. You can consider having facial hair with this style. However, it looks a lot ‘cleaner’ and sophisticated if you wear this hairstyle without facial hair.

This hairstyle always works with casual wear. If you want to wear a slick back haircut with formal wear, you’ll have to exude confidence. This hairstyle isn’t always considered the most professional but it will make you stand out from the crowd.


This hairstyle is perfect if you like to keep a bit of scruff for your facial hair. You’ll want to trim or eliminate your sideburns to bring out the emphasis on your hair.

You should also remove your hair near your ears. Your hair should be trimmed with a number 4 blade. Make sure to “spike” your hair using hair gel.

If you don’t have straight hair, you can style it with your fingers without needing to comb it. This haircut works best for younger men and is ideal for casual wear.

If you need to wear formal clothing, then consider styling your ‘pomp’ with gel. This eliminates the otherwise disheveled appearance that’s associated with the Pompadour haircut.

Ivy League

If you want a minimalist hairstyle that matches sophistication with style, then the Ivy League is the perfect option. It works for men of all ages and is ideal for casual wear and formal wear.

You want to keep your sides as short as possible without going entirely bald. You might want to consider cutting them with a number 1 or .5 blade. For your top hair, stick to a number 1 or number 2 blade.

If your hair grows fast, then you’ll want to get it trimmed every 2 weeks. You’ll want to invest in men’s hair products such as hair gel to keep your hair straight and flat.

If you decide to keep facial hair, you’ll want stubble rather than a full beard. You want to ensure that your mustache and beard aren’t thicker than the hair on your head.


This is another simple haircut that works for young men and is best for round faces. It’s also best if you don’t keep facial hair.

You want to keep your top hair as long as possible. Stick to a number 4 blade to cut it. Trim your sideburns using a number 2 blade.

You want to comb your hair so that there’s a side parting. Make sure to use hairspray to keep your hair in place. This hairstyle works perfectly with both casual and formal wear.

Those Are the Trending Men’s Haircuts

Now that you know the trending men’s haircuts, you can decide which ones work best for your personality.

These haircuts can work based on your age and dress sense. Make sure you choose one that you’ll be able to carry off with confidence.

You should seek out a professional barber to keep these styles intact. Make sure you also invest in hair care goods to keep your hair in place at all times.

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