Start Being Mindful About Your IP Address to Stay Safe Online

Have you thought about the security of your Internet Protocol (IP) address? For most of us, we’ve never even given it a second thought. After all, it’s only our internet service provider (ISP) that has access to these details, right? Wrong.

With just a little bit of technical knowledge and some know-how, anybody can find, view, and even capture your IP address. Without knowing this, you are putting yourself at risk when browsing the internet. This is where a data center proxy comes in. Proxies are like a middle-man between your device and the internet. Datacenter proxy is a type of proxy that is both quick and reliable. There are many proxy providers that offer data center proxies, but if you’re on a budget and still want to hide your IP and protect your personal information while browsing online, check out this site.  

Why Would Someone Want Your IP Address?

There are a few different reasons that someone would want to know your online address. Some of the reasons are innocent enough, but unfortunately, there are also those people out there who want this information to hack your systems.

For example, online businesses would want to know your online address to run it through a lookup service to see where you are located. They could then use this information to send you better offers and ads. Using your IP address along with tracking and footprinting tools helps them build a profile of you to identify their audience preferences and improve the content and services they offer.

Online forums, chat sites, websites, and even social media sites can use your online address to block access to their sites. Certain ISPs can even throttle your bandwidth or charge you more based on the type of content you browse, which they can track through your IP address.

You may think it is not a big deal, but your online address contains a lot of information that can be used against you. With a few skills and a bit of tech knowledge, people can see what country or state you’re in. They can even narrow it down to the city within a couple of blocks of your actual address. And with some tracks, they can piece together an entire profile of your interests and online behaviors.

Also, if law enforcement has a subpoena and your IP address, the officers can get your name and address from your ISP. They may even get permission to hack into your email.

How Can Others Get Your IP Address?

There are a few different ways that others can get a hold of your IP address, and you’ll be surprised at just how easy some of these are. 

Borrowing Your Device

This is one of the easiest ways that someone can get a hold of your IP address. They also don’t even require any advanced skills to do it. If someone borrows your computer or smart device, they can find your IP address using the ipconfig/all command or using an online service such as ip location.

Wireless Network

This is another easy way that someone can get a hold of your online address. If your wireless network is not secure, or if you share the password with someone, they have access to your online address while connected to the same network. 

Blog Comments and Forum Interaction

If you sign in to a blog or forum to comment or interact, the administrator of that blog not only sees your comment but will also be able to see your IP address. No other users will see this, but any administrators or those with access to the backend of the website will. This is another easy way that hackers can use to spy on peoples’ IP addresses.

Social Media Channels

We may enjoy using social media platforms, but the reality is that our information is being shared by using these channels. It is effortless for site administrators to trace your IP address. If you were to click on an ad or link on any of these platforms, the link or ad owner would also be able to see it.

Messaging Apps

Messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber are growing in popularity. Every time that you use these apps, it uses an IP address. While this IP address is not visible to the people you message, if you click on a link from these messengers, the link owner will see your online address.

Final Thoughts

If there ever was a time to be paranoid about your online security and privacy, it is now. With hackers becoming more advanced, it is more important than ever to be mindful of keeping yourself and your IP address safe. Using proxies and VPNs and knowing how people can access your details is essential so that you can keep yourself safe.

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