The Best Ways to Save Energy in 2022

Every homeowner needs to get a handle on their energy use. Our households use energy around the clock, and in large amounts during the daytime. Energy usage goes up exponentially in the summer and winter months.

This is everyday life, but it’s also a recipe for waste.

Alarming studies show that 68% of the energy produced in the United States gets wasted due to inefficiencies. Minimizing waste on the planet starts with learning ways to save energy at home.

We’ve got you covered. Here are five ways to save energy in your home and in your life.

1. Invest in Solar Power

Don’t be afraid to make holistic changes when looking for ways to save energy in your home. Solar power is the best energy upgrade that you can make today. It’s an immediate plus for your home, because it increases home values by approximately $15,000, on average.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that solar energy:

  • Lets you get electricity that isn’t owned by a company
  • Does away with an expensive utility bill
  • Dramatically reduces the emissions that your home creates
  • Keeps the lights on during storms
  • Modernizes your home and makes it attractive to the market

It’s easy to go solar today because the cost of these installations has decreased a lot over the years. There are many different professionals today that are trained to provide solar installations.

Check out Blue Raven Solar for examples of completed work that powers homes.

2. Buy Appliances With High Energy Efficiency Ratings

Invest in eco-friendly appliances to get rid of energy waste in your household. Study the energy efficiency ratings before purchasing refrigerators, ovens, lighting fixtures, and other appliances.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues ratings for these appliances. Energy Star appliances set the highest standard for the industry. Install the right appliances in your home and you’ll be less likely to waste energy.

3. Take Care of Your Heating and Cooling

Your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will play one of the biggest roles in the way you manage energy in your home. Keeping your system well-tuned is one of the best ways to save heat energy, and prevent your air conditioning bills from getting out of control.

Here are some of the best things you can do to manage your HVAC system:

  • Change your heating and cooling filters
  • Clean the air ducts
  • Upgrade to a modern thermostat
  • Get the system inspected and checked a couple of times per year
  • Have professionals check your carbon monoxide monitors

Knowing the best ways to save energy in winter and summer will keep your utilities in check, while also minimizing the damage you do to the environment.

4. Don’t Use What You Don’t Need

Many homeowners also make the mistake of simply using what they don’t need. If you’re leaving lights on, running water that you’re not using, or needlessly wasting your heating and air conditioning, it creates more waste than you think.

Set timers, use energy-saver settings, and become a conscious consumer of every bit of energy you use.

5. Become an Eco-Friendly Driver

Don’t let your energy-saving decisions stop with your home. Consider the vehicle that you drive and your habits.

Going with an electric car lets you reduce your emissions and keep the air clean. You’re tremendously cutting down on the fossil fuels you’re wasting by switching to one of these models.

Hybrid-electric cars and eco-friendly gasoline cars can also help you cut down on waste.

There are also different ways to save energy outside of the vehicle that you purchase. Walk to errands that are within short distances and avoid letting your car idle for long periods of time.

Consider the Best Ways to Save Energy

There are plenty of viable options when you consider the different ways to save energy. Start with these tips and consistently look for modifications you can make.

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