The Brief Guide That Makes Improving Workplace Safety Simple

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 5,333 workers died at work in 2019.

This is a shocking statistic because most health and safety breaches are totally preventable. By improving your workplace safety, and the safety culture of your employees, you could save lives.

If you’re looking to improve occupational safety at your business or premises, it pays to familiarize yourself with a few fundamental ways to foster a good workplace culture when it comes to safety.

Read on to learn more about improving workplace safety.

Why Is Workplace Safety Training Important?

Any responsible business owner puts employee safety first. Ensuring your workers are trained to recognize and report workplace hazards is key to instilling a good safety culture at work.

Your employees need to receive role-specific health and safety training before being safe and productive members of your team. You should run a mandatory training course to educate your employees and stay in line with state and federal labor laws.

Well-trained employees know how to identify, report, and deal with all kinds of workplace hazards. This training reduces the risk of a serious incident occurring.

Employ a Health and Safety Officer

A robust health and safety culture needs an excellent coordinator to make sure requirements are consistently met. Employing a health and safety officer will help you get your occupational safety goals in line.

The role of a health and safety officer is to oversee operations and implement workplace safety initiatives. They will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing and revising the risk assessments
  • Enforcing action plans
  • Emergency procedures in the workplace
  • Gauging employee engagement

Handing over control of health and safety to a trained officer means you can guarantee that you’re up to code when it comes to OSHA regulations.

Provide the Right Equipment

If your employees are exposed to any workplace hazards, you need to ensure they have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). Allowing someone to perform hazardous work without the correct PPE is a type of employer negligence.

You want your employees to be safe at work – That’s why you need to live up to your responsibility of providing adequate health and safety equipment.

If you work around noisy machinery or dust, earplugs and dust masks are a must. Steel toecap boots are required for any form of manual handling operations. Check out these PPE training solutions for more ideas.

Keep Workplace Safety at the Forefront

Now you too can improve occupational safety at your place of business. Taking the time to review and improve your health and safety protocols is a vital part of making your business run smoothly.

By implementing good leadership, training, and inventory, you can genuinely say you’re striving for the best in workplace safety. This will help you achieve a good public image, a smooth supply chain, and increased productivity.

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