The Complete Guide to Choosing Web Design Services for Businesses

Do you know how important your website is? Slow websites lead to $2.6 billion in lost revenue each year. Website design influences 75% of a user’s impression of your business.

You might be launching a new website or wonder why your current website isn’t doing anything for your business. You could try the DIY route, but can’t customize templates to meet your needs.

It’s time to hire web design services to get your site up and running. Choosing web design services is a difficult task.

There are plenty of service providers, but they definitely aren’t on equal footing. Some designers deliver projects late, others have major design flaws, and or deliver a site that doesn’t meet your needs.

You can avoid those situations if you know what to look for in web design services. Keep reading because you’re about to learn what to look for in a web design company.

1. Know Your Business Needs

There’s a lot of thought that goes into designing business websites. You have to know the brand, target audience, and purpose of the website.

The purpose of the website influences the design and web copy. An ecommerce site that drives conversions is designed to spotlight products that people will want to purchase on the spot.

A site that functions as a brochure is a static site with basic company information.

You also need to know the target market and what they need from the site. Younger audiences need a mobile-friendly website because they do everything on their phones.

2. Company Research

Research design companies online. You can do a basic search and ask people for recommendations. As you visit the sites or service providers, look at their references and reviews.

Designers have a portfolio of past work. This will give you an idea of their web design experience. You’ll want to find someone that understands your industry.

3. Design Style and Approach

Every design has a certain style of design. Some like to use a lot of whitespace and others gravitate towards bold colors.

There are designers that use innovative and human-centered design. Others use templates and customize them for your needs.

The more you know about a designer, the more you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your business.

Get a clear understanding of your responsibilities in the web design process. Not knowing what’s expected can hold up the entire project.

For instance, a web designer could expect you to provide images and copy for your website. Knowing this ahead of time gives you the chance to get everything ready to keep the project moving forward.

4. Project Timeline

You probably needed your website yesterday. You can’t afford to let a project get delayed for months on end. It could set the launch of your business back by weeks or months.

That delay is incredibly costly. You and the designer should work together to create a timeline that is realistic for the designer and works for your business.

Set benchmarks for the designer to meet during the length of the project. For instance, you can have the initial framework after three weeks, design concepts after six weeks, and a final design in 16 weeks.

5. Have a Web Design Budget

Design companies come in all shapes and sizes. You could hire an agency that employs several designers or you could work with a freelancer with an extensive design background.

There’s a huge range of prices for web design services. You could get someone to build a website for $100. More complex projects could cost $10,000 or more.

Keep in mind that your web design budget determines the quality of work. If you buy a website for less than $1000, you’re likely going to get a template with minimal customizations.

You want to find a designer that meets your budget without sacrificing project quality.

6. Compare Quotes

Web design companies will have an initial consultation with you. They’ll ask you questions about the project, the business, and they’ll give you quote for services.

Get a few quotes from service providers and compare them. Take into account the services offered, the design style, the cost, and the timeline.

7. Ongoing Maintenance and Services

Does the web design service offer maintenance and additional services? For instance, if your site is an ecommerce site, does the designer offer SSL certificates?

There are providers that offer search engine optimization as part of their services. They also offer SSL certificates to make your site secure.

Another consideration is maintenance. WordPress websites and plugins need to get updated regularly. This not only impacts the usability of your site but the security as well.

If you don’t have the technical expertise to update and maintain your site, you’ll want to hand that off to the designer. If you need to make changes, such as new products or services, you should decide if you’ll do that or the web designer.

Your web designer may not offer maintenance and update services. In this case, make sure they show you how to use the backend of your site.

Choosing Web Design Services

Hopefully, this article showed you exactly what you need to do to hire a web design service. Choosing web design services starts with your own business needs.

You’ll have to research web design companies and learn about their style and methods. You want to hire a service provider that understands your brand and your audience.

Once you have your site up and running, you’ll need to know how to get visitors. Click on the Marketing tab at the top to get ideas to drive traffic to your newly designed site.

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