The Complete Guide to Increasing SEO Rankings for Small Businesses

The majority (75%) of people never look beyond the first page of search engine results. If your site doesn’t appear on the first page, shoppers won’t find your business.

Instead, they’ll click on the link to one of your competitors’ sites.

Before that can happen, focus on improving your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Increasing SEO rankings can help you reach more customers. You can generate traffic, leads, and sales while positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Not sure how to improve your rankings on Google? Read on for the tips you need today!

Understand the Search Intent

Google displays website content that aligns with the search engine user’s intent. You can write content based on the user’s search intent by gathering research.

First, determine who your customers are based on demographics like age, gender, and location. Consider their pain points, hobbies, interests, and other psychographics.

Writing content for each buyer persona will help you personalize your blog posts. Personalization can boost your marketing ROI by eight times. Otherwise, 52% of readers will switch to your competitors if you fail to personalize your content.

Gather Keyword Research

You can also better understand the user’s search intent by gathering keyword research. Use tools like:

  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Trends
  • SEMRush

Find longtail keywords that include four or more words. These longer search queries can help you understand the intent.

Create Content

To start increasing SEO rankings, you first need to create fresh, engaging blog content. Experiment with different types of posts, including:

  • Blogs/articles
  • Thought leadership
  • Video
  • AR/VR
  • Infographics
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • eBooks

When creating your content, focus on quantity over quantity. Demonstrate your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT). Focusing on EAT can help you attract more readers, boosting your rankings on Google.

Share Your Posts

Make sure your posts are easy for people to find online. Generating more traffic can help you achieve high SEO rankings.

First, send out an email newsletter that directs subscribers to your latest posts. Share your posts on social media, too.

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks can help boost your rankings on Google. These links send readers on other blogs to your content.

Look for guest blogging opportunities to start generating quality backlinks.

Update Your Profile

Update your Google Business profile. Your profile can direct more people to your website.

Make sure to continue asking customers to post their reviews on your listing, too. Positive reviews can help you achieve high SEO rankings.

Hire an Agency

If you’re still not sure how SEO works, consider hiring an experienced digital marketing agency. They can help boost your SEO rankings on Google. Then, you can reach more customers and grow your business.

You can reach out to the team at Growth Friday to get started.

Rank Up: Start Increasing SEO Rankings With These Tips Today

Don’t let your competitors rank ahead of you on Google. Instead, use these tips for increasing SEO rankings. Once you reach the top of the page, you can draw more traffic than ever before.

Boost your business with high SEO rankings today.

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