The Guide That Makes Choosing and Hiring Professional Painters Simple

Did you know that painting the exterior of your house can cost anywhere from $1,000-$6,000? While painting your house may seem expensive, it can increase your house value and improve the appearance of your house.

Whether you want to paint the outside or inside of your house, there are many benefits to painting your home. You can change the style, brighten up your living space, and add fun designs.

You can paint your house yourself, but hiring professional painters is easier, faster, and will give you better results. Do you want to learn how to find the best local painters? If so, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Research Your Project

Before you start looking for the best painters, you should determine your project and do research. Do you want to paint your chimney, the outside of your house, or a single room inside your house?

What you want to paint will determine your rates and the type of paint you need. If you are painting outdoors, you will need to get paint that holds up to the weather.

When researching your project, you also should look for inspiration. While you can paint your house the same colors, repainting is also a good opportunity to change your style.

Ask for Recommendations

Once you know why you need to hire painting services, you should ask your friends, family, and local hardware store for recommendations. If you know anyone that has hired a painter, ask about their opinion on the services.

If the painting company did a good job, you can add them to your list to research them further. If the company did a bad job, then you should avoid hiring them for your project.

Check Credentials

Once you find some of the best painters in the painting industry, you should research their credentials. Painting requirements vary by state, but most states require that painting contractors have a license.

Some states have different licensing requirements depending on the cost and type of project. Before you hire a painter, make sure you research the requirements in your state, county, and city.

Once you know the requirements, look for painters that fit that requirement. The best commercial painters have a license even when their state doesn’t require one.

Ask About Insurance

Did you know that any contractors you hire to work on your house should have business insurance? Business insurance will protect you and the contractor if any damage happens to your house.

While nothing should go wrong during your painting services, accidents do happen. The painters could get paint on your nice furniture, break your antiques, or scratch your floor.

If an accident does happen, business insurance will cover the cost of fixing it. Insurance will also cover the cost if anyone gets hurt while on the job.

Read Online Reviews

Whether you plan on doing a kitchen or office renovation, you should read online reviews before hiring a painter.

Online reviews will give you an idea of how long the painter has been in business and others’ experience with that painter. Pay attention to how many of the reviews are negative and how many are positive.

If you notice a couple of negative reviews, that should be nothing to worry about. Watch out for negative trends that state the painter is unreliable, unprofessional, or charges unfair prices.

Set Up an Interview

Once you have a list of a few painters that you want to learn more about, you should set up an interview with them. When choosing a painter, chemistry is important because they will be inside your house.

In addition to making sure the painter’s personality is a good match, an interview also gives you the chance to talk about the services you need.

The painter may ask you questions about the size of the area, location, and type of paint. During the interview, make sure you ask about the painter’s availability, experience, and warranty.

Get Estimates

After the interviews, you should get estimates from the painting companies that could be a good fit. Each company should give you a written estimate that includes the total cost of the service.

The estimates should include the cost of supplies and labor. When comparing estimates, keep in mind that choosing the lower estimate could result in a lower quality paint job.

Sign a Contract

Once you choose the best painting contractor for your project, the next step is to sign a contract. Signing a contract protects you and the contractor.

A business contract will ensure that the contractor gets paid, and it will ensure that you get the promised services. If you don’t pay or the contractor doesn’t perform, both parties have protection from the contract.

Prepare for Painting

The final step when hiring a painter is to prepare for the painting process. When you sign the contract, you should get a date and a timeline for when the painting process is going to happen.

Once you know that date, you can make plans for your pets and children. Allowing them to stay in the house is dangerous for them, and it can make the painting process harder for the professionals.

You also should cover your furniture, clean your walls, remove outlet covers, and leave plenty of space. This will make the painting process easier and faster for the professionals.

Are You Ready to Choose Professional Painters?

If you want to spruce up your living space, increase your house value, and make your home easier to sell, you should consider painting your house. When painting your house, hire professional painters to get the best quality.

Did you enjoy reading this article on how to find commercial painters? If so, check out the general category for more home renovation tips.

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