The Latest Content Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Content marketing’s one of the most effective lead generation strategies marketers have at their disposal. It’s no surprise, then, that almost 50% of B2B teams plan to spend more on content this year! Are you thinking of doing the same?

Well, don’t go anywhere. In this article, we’re going through the latest content marketing trends to use in 2022. Check them out!


Customers are savvier than ever before, which means you need to communicate with them on an individual level.

That’s where personalizing your content marketing efforts comes into play.

By collecting data on your target customers/audience, you’ll learn more about them and what they want to see. From there, you can start tailoring your content to them more effectively! This should boost engagement, sales, and brand loyalty, and you an edge on the competition to boot.

Niching Down

With countless businesses competing for the top spot on Google, ranking organically for certain keywords is becoming harder and harder every year- even when you’re optimizing for local SEO. Know the struggle? Well, it might be time to go niche.

The more specific you are with your content this year, the more likely you are to reach a certain buyer. Here’s an example: don’t write about the generic reasons for outsourcing your IT support. Write about why the agricultural industry (or any other industry, for that matter) should do it!

Voice Search

People don’t just type terms into search engines to find answers anymore. Thanks to the rise of voice search, they talk into their devices instead. In so doing, they don’t even have to look at their screens!

Their digital assistant responds out loud with the answer.

This is important for your SEO content because people don’t speak in the same way that they type. They ask full questions (and expect full answers) rather than short and specific terms and phrases. Make sure you adjust your content in 2022 to accommodate this new style of searching.

Conciseness Is Key

Blog posts aren’t going anywhere soon. But the style of articles you write might have to change! In 2022, strike a balance between length and concision.

Search engines, like Google, tend to prioritize lengthy, in-depth posts in the rankings. But that becomes somewhat pointless if the type of person you’re targeting lacks the patience to stick around until the end! Remember, certain demographics (especially millennials) prefer shorter content that tells a story.

Remember These Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Killer content is still king in 2022, but the landscape’s definitely shifting with the times! It’s up to all of us to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends to ensure we don’t fall behind. With any luck, the insights in this article will help your team do exactly that in the months ahead.

Keep these innovating marketing ideas in mind and you’ll be one step closer to getting the ROI you need. Would you like to read more articles about content marketing? Search “content” on the website now.

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