The Top Reasons to Get a Mini Abdominoplasty

Did you know that two of five Americans are unhappy when they see themselves in the mirror?

Although there are plenty of reasons why people feel self-conscious about their appearance, the stomach is one of the top culprits.

Have you been wondering if a mini-abdominoplasty is the right choice to help you feel better about your stomach region? Keep reading to learn 5 reasons to consider this procedure.

1. Diet and Exercise Won’t Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

Out of all of the benefits available, the most popular reason why people want a mini tummy tuck is because they can’t get rid of stubborn fat through diet and exercise. As the name suggests, a mini tummy tuck isn’t as invasive as a regular tummy tuck, so this surgery is best for people who are close to their goal weight. While anyone can get this surgery, people who want drastic results may not be as satisfied.

2. Pregnancy Has Changed Your Stomach

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, but it’s also normal to dislike the way it permanently changes your stomach. Even if you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, you’ll still have a lot of loose skin. If you feel self-conscious of this new change, then a mini tummy tuck surgery by Dr. Lind could be just what you need to feel like your old self again.

3. You Want to Tighten Up Aging Skin

As we age, our bodies can change a lot in the way they look and feel. Since we stop producing collagen, our skin gets looser and sags. If you want to reverse this aging process, a mini-abdominoplasty can help your stomach region stay tight.

4. You Have Loose Skin From Weight Loss

Millions of Americans go on a diet at any given time, so there are plenty of people who are changing their bodies. While losing excess weight is great for your overall health, a big transformation can leave you with saggy skin all over the body, but especially in the stomach area. If you want a fresh start, getting a mini tummy tuck can give you the motivation to keep the weight off for good.

5. You Want Results Without a Harsh Recovery Period

If you’re afraid of a long recovery period or scary complications, then it’s safest to go for a procedure that’s minimally invasive. Mini tummy tucks are a great way to reshape your stomach without getting as many scars from a full tummy tuck.

Why Do It? Now You Can Decide If You Want a Mini Abdominoplasty

Now that you know the top reasons to get a mini abdominoplasty, you’ll have a better understanding if this procedure is right for you. If you have more questions, it’s always best to get a free surgical consultation.

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