The Trevor Wittman Gloves Could Be the Next Big Thing in Boxing

The Trevor Wittman gloves are the latest innovation in MMA boxing hand protection. These innovative combat gloves do not force the fingers open and sit naturally, protecting the hands and wrists from damage and the rigors of boxing. The company is the brainchild of former NASA engineers, but the UFC has a rival plan: to buy the technology behind the glove and market it as their own. With the UFC’s recent focus on safety, the newest products from ONX could be the next big thing in MMA.

World Series Of Fighting             

During his college years, Trevor Wittman began training boxers and fighting in the ring. During a match, he was injured. He had a hyperinflated lung and was declared unfit to continue. Despite the injury, he continued to train and soon opened his own gym, T’s K.O. Boxing. In 2014, he won the UFC’s Light Heavyweight Championship and went on to win the World Series of Fighting.

MMA Boxing Gear

After a long career as a boxer, Trevor Wittman made his own MMA gloves. He was inspired by the need to protect his hands after being knocked out in a fight. He was looking for a new way to protect himself, and wanted to be as comfortable and protective as possible. His designs have received widespread attention and have become a staple in MMA boxing gear. These protective handwears are available at many retailers and online.

Accidental Eye-Pokes

In addition to making MMA gloves, Trevor Wittman is also known as a designer of MMA gear. He designed his X-Factor MMA gloves to reduce the risk of eye-pokes during fights. When a fighter extends their fingers to gauge distance, they can accidentally poke their eye. Those who wear his MMA gloves are not at risk of being hit by accidental eye-pokes.

Gloves are Designed for Fighters

Unlike most MMA gloves, the Trevor Wittman MMA gloves are designed for fighters with an unnatural curvature of the fist. This may be problematic for big wrestlers, grapplers, and other athletes who prefer a natural curved fist. However, the new design does help to reduce the risk of eye-pokes in the ring. A more natural curvature of the fist will also allow the glove to flex with the opponent’s hands.

Edge in the Ring

The new Trevor Wittman MMA gloves have a naturally curved fist and are perfect for fighting on the ground. The natural curvature of the fist of the hand makes it easier to punch someone with this style of MMA gloves. While they do not have the natural curvature of the fist, they are still an excellent choice for fighters looking for an edge in the ring.

Protective Gear

The X-Factor gloves were designed with the idea of protecting the eyes during fights. As the name suggests, they are designed to prevent accidental eye-pokes during a fight. During a fight, fighters extend their fingers to gauge distance and risk of breaking their wrists with an unsuitable punch. These MMA gloves are made to avoid this problem. And they are a great option for anyone who is looking for the perfect pair of protective gear.

Fighter Avoid Breaking their Wrists

The X-Factor gloves were designed by Trevor Wittman and are designed to protect the eyes during a fight. During a match, a fighter’s fingers are often extended to gauge the distance. This can result in an accidental eye-poke. The T-Factor gloves are designed to prevent this type of injury and help the fighter avoid breaking their wrists. They also have great protection for the eyes.

Increase their Speed

In addition to protecting the eyes, Trevor Wittman’s gloves also have other benefits. His designs are more protective than average boxing gloves. They can help the fighters improve their chin and give them a better grip and control. In addition, the new T-Wittman gloves can increase their speed, which makes it easier for them to take down bigger opponents. The weights of the Trevor Wittman gloves are very durable.

X-Factor MMA Gloves

Another feature that distinguishes the Trevor Wittman MMA gloves from standard boxing gloves is their design. These are designed to prevent accidental eye-poke attacks during a fight. In the meantime, they also keep the hands comfortable and reduce the risk of broken wrists and fingers. If you’re an MMA fighter, you’ll love the X-Factor’s X-Factor MMA gloves.

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