Tips for Choosing the Perfect Display Board

It may be your first conference, or maybe you’ve been at the receiving end of many? Whatever the case, when it’s your turn to present, there may be overlooked considerations that you didn’t realize, such as choosing a display board.

Fear not, we’ve taken all the worry and hassle out of choosing one for your next conference. In this short guide, we’ll run through seven very handy tips which will make your decision process much easier. Plus, these tips are applicable to visually impress any intended audience!

So without further adieu, here are our seven tips.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Going in big and bold with your professional displays might seem a logical approach, and it can work. However, remember to consider more about your use of space on the display board.

Our point is, create a balance where the board isn’t overcrowded with visuals and info. Yet, try to utilize as much space as you can to get your message across, leaving a sensible amount of blank space.

Storage and Portability

Ensure you thoroughly research the display boards you are searching for online. Or, if possible, check out their functionality in terms of storage and portability in the store.

You’ll find that some boards have way better design features for carrying around and storing away. The last thing you want to do is have your boards delivered right before the conference and they are a nightmare to handle!

Consider Floor Space

You might well decide to go for an extra-large display board for impact. However, before you start thinking big, you should inquire about how much floor space you will have at the business conference.

Turning up with an awkwardly large board with a small stage will make you look unprofessional. If you do have the space though, we recommend you check out these 10 ft displays at Printleaf.

Will You Need Assistance?

Another consideration when choosing business displays is whether you will need someone to assist you in setting them up.

Some displays require just one person to erect them. Yet, others could be a little tricky to set up and so check on this before you buy.

Display Board Colors

Many people might think that framing their board with bright and bold colors might draw attention. But, if they are too overpowering, they might be distracting from your key content.

Think about what sort of tone you want to set. And, try to aim for the more classy side of things, rather than tacky and gimmicky.

Add-Ons and Accessories

Some of the cheaper boards may often lack compatibility options. This is fine if you don’t see yourself ever using add-ons or accessories.

However, if you want to invest in a quality display board, try to go for one which has various compatibility options. This way you have options for the future.

Inside or Outside

For obvious reasons, you’ll want a board fitting to your environment. if it’s an outdoor event, ensure you opt for heavier and more sturdy options that can handle the elements.

Lighter boards may be best suited for indoor use. Yet, outside they may blow over!

Choose Your Display Board the Right Way

Now you should have a pretty good idea about how to choose a display board for your conference. Follow the tips above and we’re confident you’ll do a good job!

Many thanks for checking out this post and good luck! If you found it useful, find further tips on our blog.

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