To Flush or Not to Flush: Are Tampons Flushable?

Ask yourself: how long have you been using tampons? How many of them have you flushed down the toilet? Now ask, can you flush tampons?

Most of you are probably thinking, “Yes, tampons are flushable!” What if we told you that only 15% of tampon users are disposing of them the proper way? Do you still stand firm in the idea that tampons are flushable?

Let’s rephrase the question. When we ask, “Are tampons flushable?” we don’t mean, “Will they flush?” Instead, we’re talking about proper disposal methods.

Time to get the answers you didn’t know you didn’t have. Read on to learn more about tampons, the right way to dispose of them, and why it’s not down the toilet.

Are Tampons Flushable?

Drum roll, please. Nope! Tampons are not flushable.

Sure, they will flush, depending on the toilet you’re using. Most modern-day plumbing is capable of handling something as small and neatly packaged as a used tampon. (It’s worth noting that this isn’t always the case and some plumbing will freak out if you try.)

What’s most important, here, is what happens after you flush. . Ultimately, it’s a no-go for the environment and for your city’s wastewater.

Why Did We All Think Tampons Are Flushable?

Why are so many of us flushing tampons down the toilet left and right? How come no one told you before now that you’re not supposed to?

It’s hard to say why so many of us weren’t in on the truth. If you take a look at your tampon box, it almost definitely says, “Do not flush tampons down the toilet.” Evidently, we didn’t read the fine print.

What Are You Supposed to Do With Tampons?

If we have to quit flushing these things, what do we do with them? If you’re in a public bathroom, take a look at the sides of the stall. What you’re looking for is a sanitary waste disposal bin.

What if a) you’re not in a public bathroom or b) there’s no bin to be found? First, let’s all admit that there’s nothing embarrassing about using (and disposing of) a tampon. Next, let’s wrap those tampons up in a few squares of toilet paper and toss them in the trash can.

Quit Flushing and Dispose of Tampons the Right Way

Chances are, you haven’t wondered, “Are tampons flushable?” because you always assumed that the answer was yes. It’s always shocking to find out that no, you shouldn’t be flushing tampons. The good news is that proper disposal methods aren’t a big deal and you can start today.

What else can you start today? Maybe you’ve got a big business idea or you’ve thought of a great way to protect the environment. No matter what you want to get started on, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make it happen, so take a look around.

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