Top 4 Hydrating Foods for Healthy Skin

Did you know that the food you eat shows on your face? No need to wipe your mouth. Ingestion leads to digestion and absorption.

This means that your body breaks food down into chemical forms and takes in what it needs. This includes water, which keeps you both alive and beautiful.

Hydrating your skin plumps it up, staving off fine lines and wrinkles. It also keeps it baby soft.

Foods all carry a unique composition of water and other chemicals. Read on to learn the four most hydrating foods for skin.

1. Watermelon

It may not shock you that watermelon helps hydrate the skin. It may surprise you, however, that you find something a little different than H20 in skin-hydrating foods like this.

Watermelon, and other fruits and veggies, deliver a whopping dose of H302, also known as structured water. In gas, liquid, and ice form, water remains H2O.

But, in its fourth phase, water actually binds with electrolytes, creating gelatin that makes up the cells of both humans and plants. Eating structured water offers better hydration for the entire body because the electrolytes within help the body retain it in the right places.

Even watermelon seeds promote healthy hydration. They contain proteins and fatty acids that serve as nutricosmetics.

2. Liver

Let’s move on to the less obvious choice. While high water content does obviously offer hydration, the nutrients involved also play an important role.

Liver contains high amounts of vitamin A, making it one of the best foods for skin health. This vitamin promotes healthy sebum production by regulating the sebaceous glands located all over your skin.

This waxy oil holds in moisture, giving you a youthful glow. Eating beef or lamb liver also doses you with high amounts of antioxidants that protect your cells against aging.

3. Almonds

With only one ounce of almonds, you can receive half of your recommended daily value of vitamin E. How does this help with skin hydration?

Vitamin E bonds with the lipid bilayer that forms the protective outer layer of human cells. By doing this, it helps lock moisture into the cell itself so it maintains healthy functioning.

Vitamin E also serves as a potent antioxidant. It removes free radicals from the body that contribute to cell damage and aging.

4. Oysters

Oysters often get associated with sexual health due to their high zinc content. But, this mineral also adds oysters to the list of amazing skin hydrating foods.

Like vitamin Edoes with the cell membrane, zinc strengthens the protective layer on the outer layer of the skin itself. This prevents moisture from leaking out, keeping the skin plump and beautiful.

Eat Hydrating Foods for Skin

Always put your best face forward to present yourself to the world and keep your confidence strong. Eat a wide range of hydrating foods for skin health to keep yourself looking vibrant!

While this list only offers four options, enhance your diet with similar foods as well. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other types of seafood also improve your skin and overall health.

Improving your skin readies you for going out into the work world looking like a boss. Find helpful hints on how to dominate your field on our business page!

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